What Does it Take to Write a Book? She asked me.
What do I need to do first?
Excellent question you have to agree and a common one too.
Many people have great ideas for a book but just don’t know where or how to start writing.
It is not something they teach at school right?
Let me share with you my thoughts and opinions on this topic from my professional point of view, and experiences as a book writing coach.


-Everything takes time. You have to love the journey and the process – Benson Henderson


First – You have to make some decisions. Get clarity on your book idea, find the core and the heart and see if it has legs. Seek advice from a professional person.
Discuss, take notes and do some more research on your topic and other authors who have written on this subject.

Second – Re-arrange your to-do-list, make sure that writing is at the top of your list. Prioritise and recognise the importance of this writing project.

Third – Most writers need accountability and support. Seek out a writing coach, mentor or editor to be with you during this cathartic writing experience.

Fourth – Start writing. Be organised. Write as much as often as possible. Don’t judge, criticise or over think your writing, that task is for your editor.


Yes it takes, confidence, courage and creativity to write a book, and of course, a little help from a writing coach, editor, publisher and your colleagues and friends. It is not as lonely as you think it is.
You have to do the writing, the work, and in between plenty of conferences, suggestions and in put from the team mentioned above.

In all my programs, I offer strategy on the writing process. Suggestions for marketing, publication options with recommended editors and publishers. These are all important factors when starting to write. It provides accountability and an assurance you can do this and you are most definitely not alone.

Seek out the guidance and advice you need. Brainstorm your ideas with trusted colleagues and…if you want you can arrange a Book Plan Call with me to discover the where, how and what of your book, I would love to be part of your book explorations!

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