As a book writing coach, one of the questions I hear the most is:
I want to write but…
I know I have a book in me but…..
And then thirteen and a half reasons and excuses are showered upon me, sometimes without breath or pause!
So, I want to share with you, 5 ways to become a more productive writer.

One. Prioritise your to-do-list

If your to-do-list ends with writing my book, blog or journal – time to turn it around.
Starting tomorrow, your writing practise is now at number 5 on your to-do-list.
Two days later, it is at number 3. After a week, it is always at number one on your to-do-list.
Print out the list and show it to your family, friends, colleagues and your writing coach and pin it to your fridge door.

Two. Buy yourself

A new writing notebook and a pen. Special, shiny, weighty (fulfill your desire!)
Create a folder on your computer with an equally attractive title. “My new hot writings” – for example.
Share this with your writing coach for accountability.

Three. Get Clear on 3-5 topics

Write out your 3-5 subjects you want to write about.
Find a concise description, a one liner title for each topic.
Brainstorm with other writers and your writing coach.

Four. D.D.D.

Discipline, determination and drive. Now don’t panic, you don’t need to implement all 3 this week.
Discover which is your strongest and then see which one is missing the most.
Ask your writing coach and colleagues. And, become aware of these 3 vital incentives to write.

Five. De-clutter your mind

Time to empty out the contents of the limiting beliefs bucket. No more over-thinking, over-labelling or over-analysing.
You only need to acquire a writing syndrome!
One that impresses you, other writers and of course, your writing coach.

Do let me know how you have applied these methods.
Did they work for you?
Have they annoyed you and yet got you writing?
What other ways have you discovered during this time?
Just in case you are whispering, I haven’t got the time to write…let me share with you one article out of thousands on this topic of How long does it take to write a 500 word blog.

If you are ready to start writing your book, you can check out my programs and pick one that best suits your needs.

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