As a book writing coach, one of the most essential discussions I have with budding authors, is about honing in to find the key topic to express their expertise and knowledge.
Whether it is for a book or your next signature speech or (if you are smart) both.
Sometimes these topics are obvious to the author but may not be suitable or valuable enough for the reader.
There are stories that are just not relevant or beneficial or have been ‘overdone’ already.
So it is about sifting and investigating for the gold.
And that is my priority task as your book writing coach.

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself…the more you learn, the more you earn – Warren Buffett

Let's write a book

People need to write their stories so others do not feel so alone.
We need to write to encourage others to find their purpose.
Healing comes from writing

In the beginning, it is about asking you questions that bring to the surface the real, unique and authentic best ever version of you.
Once you recognise your expertise and your authority on your given subjects and establish yourself through the writing process, the personal and emotional results shine through.

Here are 5 writing prompts to stimulate you.

1. Write down 10 of your most popular topics. The ones you can easily write or speak about. The ones that also stir your passion and create engagement in your posts too.
2. Reduce these 10 down to 5. Think concisely with discernment.
3 Summarise each of your top 5 subjects. Check for overlaps. Make sure they stand alone as strong topics.
4. Could you add or replace any from your original list?  Do you need to replace one of the top 5 you selected?
5. Now you have 5 key topics, which one appeals to you the most? Is this your area of authority and expertise? Go through each of them asking yourself these questions.
Be flexible to change the order of importance, relevance and authority you have with each of them. Your instinct will let you know which ones are right for you.

It is all about getting into the right mindset…and as we all know mindset is the key we talk, teach and train in our business – but can you apply it to yourself?

If you do any mindset work, recognise that writing a book is the key to unlocking peoples blocks and will provide you with an evolutionary leap in your business.
Why not arrange a book plan call and together we can discover and Create The Key Topic For Your Book And Signature Speech.

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