In a poll I did recently on Linkedln, asking about what are the reasons to not start writing your book. The answers were divided between not knowing about editing and publishing, who will read it and…how do I start?
As a book writing coach, it is often the biggest stumbling block, once the decision has been made to start writing. But how? And where do I start?

In this post I want to share 4 top tips to get you starting to write. It might become your masterpiece, or a super article for a new online magazine. Perhaps, it will be the start of your new career as a writer. Who knows? But these 4 top tips will stimulate and motivate.


-Writing is the only thing, that when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else – Gloria Steinem


4 Top Tips To Start Writing Your Book

  1. Write out your core idea and start with 50 words. Then, extend it to 100 words. Turn it into a descriptive summary of your pure book idea, what you want it to be all about.
    read it, leave it to cool off in the freezer for a few hours or days. let it brew. Add, subtract and recreate. No more than 200 words.
  2. Think of 8 to 15 topics. All the subjects you want to include. Many will overlap and some will be blatantly repetitive. Edit down to the 10 best topics you have expertise and knowledge on.
    Headline each topic with a short sharp and snazzy title. Consider them as your chapters.
  3. What more have you to learn or study? What research or investigations need you do? There is always something to add. Reading about other opinions on the same topic. Another point of view you agree or disagree with.
    And, who else is writing or talking about this?
  4. Consider what kind of support you will need. Will it be brainstorming, accountability or professional information about editing and publishing? And how you will market the finished book.


Writing is a mind blowing mindset experience that will develop your confidence, courage and creativity in the process.
Your book becomes your legacy, your calling card even your business card. It enhances your reputation and expertise. It is your word forever in print!
The time is now to start writing and I have many programs to offer to suit your style, pace and budget.
Check out the details here.

Keep Writing!

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