Does writer’s block really exist?
Some would say it is just an excuse to avoid, quit or stop writing.
Then again, many will argue that the muse doesn’t always arrive on time or anytime.
Does it happen to you that you find your fingers won’t move or a cloud of repetitive nonsense floats across your mind and nothing comes out that you like or value?
Of course, many of us have been in the words fail me now mode. But is that really worthy of such a grand title as writer’s block?

-Writer’s block is having too much time on your hands- Jodi Picoult


What do you do when you have a deadline? I am sure you have a routine of actions. It could be calling a friend for ideas and brainstorming or researching again on the topic you can’t finish.
Some of us may get up scream, shout and throw the paper to the wall. But in the end, if it  is our job and a paid task, we get it done.

Loris Lowry says: Writing is a job. Some days you don’t feel like doing your job. There is no ‘teachers block’ or ‘dentists block’. I can’t figure out why we have created this mysterious phrase only for writers.

Whichever you fall for or believe there are some simple and practical moves to make when your pen isn’t flowing.
If you are feeling the writer’s block syndrome and need some help check out these practical solutions.

With my budding authors, I offer accountability to stop any blocking patterns developing and disturbing the flow of writing.
Most often, it is a doubt or a fear about their ability.
Phrases like: ‘What am I doing writing this? Who is going to read it? Help?

It could pop up at the mid-book -crisis point with: ‘Where am I going with this? Where am I?’
Then again, it could resurface at the end with: What else can I add? Is this any good anyway? And other such negative gremlins.

Perhaps, the worst kind of writer’s block is, how do I start, I have so much /so little to say?


-Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work – Stephen King


If you are in need of inspiration, motivation, accountability, brainstorming and feedback (Often described as writer’s block!) and really want to write –
Here are 2 options:

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Writing is another powerful way to sharpen the mental saw – Stephen Covey

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