Many of the budding authors I meet have some kind of doubt and uncertainty about publishing a book.
Who will publish my book? Do I need an agent? Who is going to market my book?
So let me share with you some of the writing & publishing secrets to start writing today!!

It is important to understand that books will not be going out of fashion any day soon or in the future.
Back in 2012 there was a rumour that it was the end of printed paper books. Well, in fact more books were written and published and read than 12 years ago.

And this is the first piece of good news.

Next is the fact that because more books are written, published and read, there are more opportunities and ways to become a published author.

Writing & Publishing Secrets to Start Writing Today!

The Big Five

Would you believe that there are only 5 traditional publishers left? They have all merged together and are still applying to do so.
Penguin Random House – Hachette Book Group – Harper Collins – Simon & Schuster and Macmillan.
The reason why it is almost impossible (I never use the word impossible!) to have your manuscript accepted by the Big 5 is that they simply do not take on new, first time, unknown, non famous authors.
And, most importantly, they do NOT accept unsolicited submissions, proposals, manuscripts, illustrations, artwork, or submission queries.

Self publishing and the Indies

Take a deep breath and exhale…there are so many wonderful and competitive options in the self publishing arena, you will be impressed.
Many have a long and excellent reputation for working with first time and second time authors and producing quality editing and printing services.

Marketing Mindset

This is such an important area of writing that it is surprising that more writing coaches do not offer this service. For my programs, it is the integral part. I emphasis this marketing mindset from – almost the beginning of the writing process. One of the main reasons why is that you learn more about publishing and what is required from you to make your book resonate, sell and last.

Let me introduce you to 5 great benefits of publishing your book.

•  Self-publish a book and retain all the rights.
•  Self-publishing a book retains control over all aspects of publication.
•  Enjoy bigger royalty percentages per book than with traditional publishing.
•  Turn manuscripts into ‘proper books’ for posterity.
•  Impress those who said it would never happen…

It’s beginning to look more interesting now isn’t it?
Ready to arrange a free 30 min call with me to explore further your book idea?

Because once you understand and recognise the writing & publishing secrets to start writing today, you will be enthusiastic and excited to start writing.

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