I am often asked, ‘What are The 3 vital ingredients to write a compelling non-fiction book?’
Let me tell you first, this is a topic I could talk about for hours!
But I have picked out the 3 that I consider the most important and frequently overlooked.
I have also expanded them to help you see and understand the bigger picture of writing and publishing your book.

In order for us to have the best ROI, we need to be knowledgeable about what is required to make the book a success, to bring the recognition, revenue and results that you want and deserve.


-Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice – Anton Chekhov


Generally speaking, when the idea of writing a book comes to mind, too many of us highlight the drawbacks, difficulties and time needed to do it.
Then we move onto the dreaded what if’s and who is going to read, edit, publish or buy it.
By then, writing a book becomes like climbing a mountain with no peak!

I like to break things down, make them simple (simple doesn’t mean easy or fast!)
I like to arrange and organise so it appears doable, manageable and enjoyable.

Let us explore the 3 vital ingredients to help you get to the point where you are ready to decide and take action on writing your book..

Know why you are writing the book so that you can write for your readers and not for yourself. If it is a business book, make sure it is aligned to your clients and customers.
Does it add value, insights and new content? Does it offer something unique that your competitors have not discussed?
Does your topic have longevity? Will it still be relevant in 12 or 24 months time?
Answering these questions will help you get to the root of why you want to write the book and those answers will provide the best content.


For your book to connect with your readers and buyers it must have fascinating facts and intriguing stories.
It needs a balance of what you are training, teaching or educating with stories that illustrate your points.
Well researched facts and case studies and preferably a mixture of both. Stories that resonate with the reader, that are identifiable and make a person feel you are talking to them.
Your stories can change their lives so write with passion, authenticity and value.


What is your budget? Too many budding authors do not think or even care about a healthy investment that is needed to write, complete, publish and promote your book.
To have your work professionally produced, so that you feel proud and confident about the quality both inside and outside.
It needs to be given the care and importance as you would if you were buying a new car or house.
Set aside, make or fund raise the money to finance your book. Your writing matters so give it top priority.

If you feel you want to know and learn more with me, there are several ways to start this process.

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