Some Day, I Will Write My Book!
Have you heard this phrase? You can substitute all kinds of topic to replace ‘write my book’ – from my job, to my relationships.
Too many of us still use those phrases like, someday, one day soon or when I have paid, done, had…We have become expert delayers.

Bob Proctor wrote and said:

“I often hear people talk about ‘someday’ as the place where their dreams will finally come true. But I know that ‘someday’ is a killer of possibilities and a destroyer of dreams.
To delay is to miss out on all life has to offer. The decisions you make right now will determine your future results.”

It all depends you might say, on your priorities or what is important to you in the present. It is almost as if we deliberately put aside the enormous benefits of investing in ourselves for future gains.
Sometimes it feels scary to put yourself first, to consider that what you need right now has to come above what others might need.
We are programmed from an early age with some strange moral concepts that putting yourself at the top of your own to-do-list is selfish.


-Invest in yourself to the point that it makes someone else want to invest in you – Tony Gaskins


On Thursday 19th January, I shall be running the first writing masterclass of 2023. The aim is to inspire and motivate you to put writing your book at the top of your list and take action on it as well.
It is exactly as I mentioned above, learning about what it will require from you to write the book, publish and market it too. The writing masterclass will cover many aspects of these topics. So register for free and bring your favourite writing device, ask questions, listen to inspiring stories from published authors and meet other budding authors too.


-Action will destroy your procrastination – Og Mandino

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