Are you investing in yourself? You know what I mean?
Spending time and money on a powerful visibility campaign that puts you front and centre stage in your area of business.
It also refers to having a budget to market and promote your book.
And from my point of view, as a book writing coach, I see the huge potential of a book that represents your expertise, experiences and unique take on a topic.
Your book has the ability to create an evolutionary leap in your business and profile – if you market it well, continually and consistently.
It is the same in any kind of business, you need to invest to improve,


– Marketing – that magical combination of information plus entertainment – Kim Roach


One of the reasons I feel so passionate about my coaching work, is because I know that investing in yourself, pays the best interest!
Book PR is the long game. It is not about doing a book launch and then waiting for fame.
It requires you to create a multi- faceted visibility campaign. Planned and structured, carefully thought through and throughly entertaining and engaging!
And for sure, there are no comfy sofas or corners to hide in.


-Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time – Henry Ford


Just imagine for a moment … completing your manuscript, handing it over to your editor, reading the first proof, seeing the cover design, blurb on the back and finally,  having a real print copy in your hands.
I have heard my clients cry out all kinds of wild and wonderful phrases.

“Oh, I feel like I am a child at Christmas!”
” Did I really write this? Is this my book?”

And then, a book launch, sales galore and opportunities to speak – but – this only continues if you continue the work.


1. Every chapter is a blog post or three. Every chapter is a speech.
2. You always carry copies of your book with you. Everywhere. From bag to boot.
3. A high percentage of your posts and videos mention, a quote, a phrase or best line from your book.
4. In all your videos and online meetings and guest appearances, your book is visible.

All my programs emphasise marketing and promoting your book. Bespoke sessions are available, contact me for more information

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The perfect way to get started writing your book, fulfilling your resolutions to write it in a group environment that brings accountability, support and professional guidance.
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Keep writing!

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