They say, that after attending a 3 day conference packed with inspiring speakers, extraordinary workshops and a bag full of notes and new contacts – only 3% of attendees will actually take any action on the learnings.
The follow through and moving forward rates are so low and even – well known that we wonder why we keep booking to attend new events!
Our craving for new knowledge is great.
Our desire to learn is strong. And just maybe, we do need more repetition that we are given credit for.

However, when you ask around to why people did not apply what they learnt, invariably the answer is – accountability.
It is all about having someone there for you to share the ups and downs, the questions and doubts of your learning process.
Life has its distractions, it carries the good, bad and ugly. It can shift our focus away from what we really want to do.


– Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result – Bob Proctor


I get it. When you are doing something new, like writing your book,, you need feedback, encouragement, writing advice, professional guidance, a nudge or a check in and some more encouragement.

I also needed support from someone with experience and knowledge about writing a book. A person who asked and answered questions. Brainstorming with me to discover other points of view. Questions that encouraged me to broaden my perspective with my research, opinions and thinking.
When I wrote my last 2 books (The Rule Breakers Guide – and – Rule It! ) I knew I needed all of that and...accountability.

I learnt from someone who knew more than me, was professional and understood and applied the benefits of the objective and experienced eye.
I recognised the importance of investing and valuing my work, my words – my book.

In all my programs, I apply what I learned. Offering support, brainstorming and accountability.
There is also the writing process, developing a marketing mindset and top recommendations to editors and publishers.

The first step is to arrange a Book Plan Call, a place where we can discuss and discover your book ideas and the practical side of your involvement and investment.

It will be exciting and scary – amazingly fulfilling and rewarding…



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