Do you remember having a determined energy about something you wanted to do, to finish even to win? A feeling in your bones that by hook or by crook – you would get it and succeed?
I have been reading in my thesaurus the synonyms for determined, and it makes for a real rebel rousing feeling. Resolute – dogged – tenacious – purposeful – decisive – strong-willed and persevering!
Now if those words don’t stir your blood….
And this leads me sweetly into the topic for this week – How To Gain A Confident & Courageous Mindset. Because, all those words on the determined list are the main ingredients for bringing about a mindset of confidence and courage.


-Believe you can and you are halfway there – Theodore Roosevelt


When I look at that list (and there are many more inspiring words to view) I pick out 3 that give me that get up and go feeling. Tenacious, decisive and persevering. What are yours?
It is important to remember that you can lift yourself up by knowing what you want, making smart decisions and acting directly on them. I have discussed these and more in this blog post.


-You have to believe in yourself when no one else does – that makes you a winner right there – Venus Williams


Here are 3 Steps to bring out the confidence and courage in you.
And this time they all start with NO. Because sometimes knowing what NOT to do is as important as knowing what exactly you want.

No overdosing on the 3 Little Cs of cooking, cleaning and caring. The ones that sap your energy and time and that also distract and deter you.
Start delegating, letting go and not worrying about dust!

No undermining your abilities with playing small, hiding in the shadows and other self-sabotaging activities.
Yes, it is time to Step Up & Stand Out!

No over-thinking, over-analysing or over-labelling that cause delay tactics, indecisiveness and hesitation.
Yes, it is important to spend quality time on understanding what you really want to do, just watch out for the abyss of the over-the-top-stuff.

Believing in yourself and that you can do anything you want is a challenge many of us face – daily, weekly and regularly. We have our struggles and we have choices.
This is the work I do with my clients. Whether they want to write a book, create videos and podcasts using their voice, their stories and experiences, I am there to give them the support, accountability and direct practical steps to achieve and accomplish whatever they want by showing them the confident and courageous mindset method.

Don’t hesitate to book a discovery call.
Let’s find out together what it is you really, really want to do and what’s holding you up.
Then, we can look at solutions, decisions and action steps.
Sounds like something you want or need?
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Look out for the next webinar in August where we will be exploring further and deeper into How To Gain A Confident & Courageous Mindset.



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