Have you ever written a poem?
You know it isn’t just about rhymes and daffodils! There is a whole world of wild and rebellious poetry out there.

I have written a book of poems and have performed many on stage, with music, without music and for Slam Contests both in the UK and the USA.
It is a truly amazing way to express yourself in the short form.
You can rant, rave, be romantic about nature or a loved one. You can shout and scream. Express hot and cold feelings. Writing poetry is a way to share your opinion, point of view, message or motto.
A poem is a journey of self discovery. A way to travel into your memories, heart, soul, a side of you as yet, unexplored.
And remember, it doesn’t have to rhyme!


– Poetry is a political act because it involves telling the truth – June Jordan

The advantages of the short form of writing a poem may appear obvious – quick results – but the benefits are rarely discussed.
It is about learning to be concise, discerning and perceiving new vocabulary. Finding new meaning from old cliches and phrases. It is there to evoke emotion, imagination even sensibilities.
And it encourages you to reveal your written voice, your unique style full of sound, rhythms and rhymes ( if you want!)


So, How Can Writing Poetry Teach Me to Write?
Here are 5 ways to open your hand to poetry.

  1. Capture a scenic moment in words.
  2. Indulge in adjectives and bury adverbs – deep underground.
  3. Turn nouns into verbs and verbs into nouns.
  4. Tune into your sense of smell and taste.
  5. Don’t  compare, judge or over edit – it’s not prose.

– I have never started a poem whose end I knew. Writing poetry is discovery – Robert Frost


I am putting together a writing masterclass around the short form writing format, which will include besides poetry, blogs, lyrics, rants and raves, articles, flash fiction, dialogues and short story.
If you are interested  DM me on Linkedln  You can also head over to see my other writings here.

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