Have You Got a Story To Write?

Who hasn’t you might add – we all do.
I guess that is true for all of us after a few decades on this earth. We all have stories, opinions and points of views on life, health and business.
Most of us have experiences to relate and share that will seem extraordinary, inspirational even motivating to someone else – because we all experience life so differently.
The question is, how do you share and express these stories?
Through the written or spoken word – as most of us do?
Have you discovered the best genre for you to write?


– People forget facts but they remember stories – Joseph Campbell


When was the last time you shared your story?

Did you express or reveal it in conversation?
Turn it into a blog or article for your website?
Submit to an online magazine?
Collate it for a course book or eBook?

Which format did you chose? When it comes to writing a book, we also need to have the lessons, the meaning, the message in those words, not just the stories.

This is something I guide the budding author to demonstrate and balance in their writing. A full combination of lessons and stories, of fascinating facts and intriguing stories.
To show and share your expertise, experience, your unique insight into a particular topic.
This does take confidence, courage and creativity. Subjects I write about in my books.
The confidence to ask and to write about what you want.
The courage to actually take action on it and follow through.
And creativity to keep going when the going gets tough.

And this is one of the unprecedented benefits of the writing process, discovering what I call the 3 Big Cs – your confidence, courage and creativity.
Sometimes people underrate the emotional and psychological benefits of writing a book. They play down the fact that self-belief and confidence improves when you start to achieve.
After writing 1000 words or 10,000 words, you really start to feel assured, more determined – intrepid.
Writing is a tonic for your soul and just wait till it is published!

-Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today – Robert McKee

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