As an author today, you need to be aware that you are 100% responsible to market your book.
Are you surprised?
Have You got a Marketing Mindset?
But let me tell how this is good news for you!

Challenges are what makes life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful – Joshua J. Marine


Whether you find an independent publisher or have some special connection (i.e. you are famous or infamous) and sign up to a traditional publisher, you will still be involved in PR, publicising and pushing your book out there. Many authors are bewildered by this believing that the publisher, editor or even the writing coach will do this for them.

No way- never – in your dreams!

Now don’t be put off because the best is yet to come.
You will have total control over the way you sell, advertise and announce your book.
This is all about you selling you in the most genuine and authentic way.
And it starts from the beginning of the writing process, creating a marketing mindset that fills you with an excitement and enthusiasm to write and publish your book.

This means you decide, you prepare and then take the action, you ask and gain, you connect and engage.
From the minute you decide to write your book, you already have ideas, inklings, thoughts and images of who, where, how and when you will show and share your book.

And then you will notice how:
– You will develop your confidence to talk and write about your published book.
– Have the courage to speak on podcasts, videos or live gigs, and be proud about your work.
– And be creative to find more ways to benefit from your book.

When you work with me – one of the main features of my programs is to plant a marketing mindset into your daily routine, in your social media, networking and beyond.
With all my years in the showbiz world, I certainly know about being visible, and it is a skill everyone can learn and adapt to their own set of talents.
The more you reach out and connect during the writing process and talk about your book, the more Confident, Courageous and Creative you will feel as publication date draws near.

If you know you have a book in you but just need the encouragement, knowhow, accountability and professional guidance, don’t hesitate to arrange a book plan call with me and start your journey as a published author.


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