Wouldn’t you like to have a little bit of Tennis Amnesia…you know…to write your book?

It works like this.
All you remember are the good shots, the wins, the amazing challenges that ended in a high score.
You just remember the good stuff and let go of the bad stuff.
Of course all of us want to develop this powerful mindset and to write your book is no different.

Because to write your book you need to be determined, disciplined and driven.
This is how you can develop a mindset of confidence and creativity to write your book.


-Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create – Rob Bennett


I find encouraging my budding authors to adapt this attitude when starting to write their book is an effective strategy.
I tell them to concentrate on magnifying  their mindset and ditch the monsters.
Zero in on now.
Wouldn’t it be nice to harness this quality?


Here are 3 ideas to get you flipping your mindset to write your book.

  1. Collect and collate ALL your achievements and accomplishments. Yes, all the trophies, certificates, gifts and awards, prizes and wins and successes from way back.
    Recognise what you have learnt, acknowledge your expertise, insights and experiences and use them to write your book.
  2. Read your testimonials and reviews. Ask people what are your top skills and talents. What do you excel in.
    Remember how you overcame a struggle, how you found a solution to a problem. Big yourself up!
  3. Describe for yourself, what it will be like when you write your book and hold in your hands the printed copy.
    Imagine how you will feel showing people your book, talking about it at conferences and network meetings.


We are so busy running our lives, finding the best way to beat the high rolling waves pounding behind us that we often overlook our desires.
I am not referring to a desire to having holidays in the Maldives, or buying what ever we fancy – but a real desire to do something for ourselves.
Something that shows who you are, shows off what you say and shares what you mean.
When you write your book – you will
Show up, show off and share!



-If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it – Margaret Fuller


The Creative Writing Group is running as a 6 week online session. A program to encourage you to:

Reconnect to the pen of your childhood.
Ditch the business and techy jargon.
Realign your words with your imagination and creative energy.
Learn to give and receive feedback.
Discover different writing genres.
Tap into free flow writing!
Have some fun!

The next writing group will start on Tuesday 18th June for 6 weeks
Still at the super price of £300
Are you ready to expand and explore your creativity and imagination with your You-nique language?
DM me for more details, or arrange a call here.

In order to succeed in life and business you have to show up, show off and share! Even just a little bit.
Take the confidence, courage and creativity by the scruff of their necks and get going!
Check my website to read and learn more.

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