You might say that there are really 3 parts to this long title – Create a Bestseller Mindset and Write a Book without taking Years!

1.Have a bestseller mindset
2.Write a book

But in all truth you can learn to do all 3 at once and you can do it without the overwhelm too!.
It does require a combination of talents and skills that incidentally, we all possess but may need help, guidance or assistance with.
Let’s face it we can’t be geniuses in everything we do. We either delegate or find a mentor or coach. We go out and learn what we need to learn to improve and become excellent at our tasks.

The same goes for writing a book. In fact, having a bestseller mindset is something every book coach will encourage in their budding author.
And a book coach has the responsibility of urging and nudging the author to finish the book.

The problem is and what drives me crazy, (in my role as a book writing coach) is too many emerging authors with excellent ideas and stories to relate, go down the self-sabotage road.
They fill their heads with overthinking, over labelling and over analysing – instead of writing their book!

One way to overcome these self defying traits is to make a decision.

– I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions – Stephen Covey


Once you recognise your book has importance and you have decided to write it, you will develop a bestseller mindset. Because you are not going to write a book believing it will fail!

Now everyone will write at their own pace. Different factors will influence the time it takes to complete it.
But dedicating time everyday, being disciplined and having an accountability partner (coach or editor) are in my opinion – a necessity.
Here are some tips from another source.


I didn’t write any of my 4 books alone. I hired coaches, mentors and accountability partners to assist me.
I was taught and encouraged and occasionally cajoled to write more, to get into the head of the reader, to write more and to get on with it!



-People say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing that is why we recommend it daily – Zig Ziglar


We are all need to be inspired, encouraged and nudged a little.
We all seek and ask for more knowledge when we want to grow and improve.
And the same goes if not more so, for writing, completing and publishing a book – without taking years.
All my writing masterclasses and programs offer you the budding or published author the confidence, reassurance and support you need to Create a Bestseller Mindset and Write a Book without taking Years.

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