4 Steps to Successfully Market Your Book

In the United Staes around $26 billion are generated from publishing!
Now, I am not saying you will become a millionaire by publishing your book, but I am saying that becoming a published author will massively increase your recognition, revenue and success.

Unfortunately, most budding authors do not realise that marketing their book is their responsibility their task and their duty.
You are responsible for your own success.
And that is a plus because it means you have total control over the where, what and how, you sell your book.

All my clients have the pleasure of promoting their own books and this is something we talk about quite early in the writing process…because yes…you are in the driving seat.

And this is where you learn about the amazing 4 Steps to Successfully Market Your Book.


-A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts – Brandon E. Trean


The first step is Discovery How will people find you and your brilliant book? How can they learn about you and your ideas, offers and methods?
One way is through having a buzzing website, packed with blogs, newsletters, videos, reviews, testimonials and your upcoming events. All of this content can be repurposed on your favourite social media sites.

Does your book have Appeal? Does it resonate with your reader, your audience? Does it have an attractive quality about it both in appearance and content?
And…do you? Are you appearing on the latest hot podcasts or videos? Are your social media platforms brimming with you and your book? Are you doing speaking events, virtual or in-person and talking about your book?

And what about Sales? How are you selling your book? Where are you promoting it?
Are you making offers and deals as part of your programs, masterclasses, webinars and /or speaking events?

Has your book got that lasting quality? Longevity. What can you do to give your book a feeling of lasting through the next few years? Does it have endurance?
And how can you really keep up with the trends? Have you turned your book into your signature speech or your TED Talk?


-Take action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention – Dr. Steve Maraboli


There are so many things you can do during and after the the writing of your book to create the recognition you want, the credibility you deserve and the revenue as the reward.
I always encourage my budding authors to stretch outside their comfort zones, to develop a visibility campaign early in the writing process, and most of all to be open and enjoy the ride!

If you are inspired, motivated to write and need to talk it through or see if your book idea has legs, arrange a compelling book break through session right now!
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Wishing a wonderful experience writing

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