I am sure all of you have great stories you tell and repeat, and yet, you haven’t used them proficiently in your business.
We see them as entertainment or merely fun and not recognise the value it carries or the relevance to our business.
I am referring to the stories that carry a twist, a punch and a hook that illustrates your point, and displays your experiences and expertise.
Stories that resonate with your audience, whether you speak or write them.
Our stories are powerful.

They not only reveal something about us and how we deal with life’s problems and situations but raise a point or a fact that may change a persons attitude or mind.
And how do you achieve that?
It is all about how you structure that story, how you start it and end it, how you fill it with intrigue and how you make it relevant and recognisable to your readers and listeners.
It is a combination of fascinating facts and intriguing stories.


-Step into a scene and let it drip from your fingertips – MJ Bush


As a book writing coach, with many years of experience writing and speaking in a variety of genres I can offer you 3 tips to get you writing your story today.

1. Dive in the deep end. It doesn’t have to be chronological (but it has to make sense!) Start in the middle, or at the end and work your way as a hindsight story with many great lessons in between to learn.

2. Add description and dialogue. Remember colours and light. Sounds and tastes. Don’t starve your audience of these details. The reader wants to be in the scene with you.

3. Start with a hook line. Make it like a grand entrance into your story. The killer title, a captivating sentence. Check out some of your favourite novels and read the first line for inspiration. Watch a bunch of classic movies for those opening scenes. Therein, you will find the gold. Even poetry will offer you examples of succinct wording that will engage with eyes wide open curiosity as to what comes next.

Bonus tip Write with pen, pencil and paper. Chose your tools of writing as you would a gourmet meal (at a fraction of the cost!) You want a pen or pencil that is smooth and moves fast as your thoughts are faster than your hand. Maybe lined paper is better for you? Or a special notepad that turns over rather than left to right? But don’t turn it into a days shopping!

During the summer, I am offering a special 1-2-1 session with me, to create and craft your story.
To encourage you to develop your confidence, courage and consistency.
To learn more about self publishing and marketing your stories and books.
If you have been wanting to write and need ideas to design it, want to brainstorm further or looking for more structure –
Please DM me and you can take advantage of my special discounted summer price.

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-If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word – Margaret Atwood

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