And here comes a new year, full of challenges and successes, and still you have a desire, a need and a want to write your book – but how?
In this first blog for January, let me share with you 3 Quick Steps to Start Writing Your Book in 2023.

Most writers have a requirement for some kind of structure and strategy especially with longer forms of writing, such as a book.
What comes first? Where exactly do I start? Do I need a working title? How many words, chapters, pages…?
And many more curiouser and curiouser questions.


-Structure is more important than content in the transmission of information – Abbie Hoffman


While I don’t 100% agree with Hoffmans quote, his point is valid, in the sense of revealing your knowledge, your information in an order that is readable, understandable and totally page turning – for the reader.

So, let’s get down to 3 Quick Steps to Start Writing Your Book in 2023

1.Tell everyone you are writing a book, especially family, friends and work mates/friends. This is in order for them to vacate your office space and leave you are alone when you are working. It is also a terrifyingly effective accountability support. Create your writing space and dedicate  time every day to write –  from 15 mins to  X hours a day.

2. Design a killer working title and feel it. Write 10 chapter title/topics ideas, in any order as they come. Are they your chapters?

3. Now take disciplined action. Dedicate focused time for your book every day – this includes writing, reading, researching, thinking, discussing with mentors, coaches and other writers.


-Motivation gets you going but discipline keeps you growing – John C. Maxwell


In all my programs and classes, I encourage you to develop a writing pattern, or call it habit or even disciplined style.
It is important for you to recognise the importance of your own work. To give the writing of your book 100% of your time, energy and financial investment.
The results and benefits will come. Personal development, growth and expansion will happen. Believe in your self and the book you are going to write. Like everything else to do with our success – mindset is key.
Mindset plus implementing what you learn, will create a book that will resonate with many, sell and last.

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