Last week, I had an excellent chat with a friend of mine who is a business coach. She was explaining to me how hard she found recording a video as opposed to going ‘Live’.
Then another friend joined in the conversation and said she preferred  going ‘Live’.
So, I said: Why not do both?
Each of them have their advantages, their perks and profits. Seems to me worthwhile to learn to do both.
So I say: To Go Live Or To Record – Is That The Question?


-Every time you give the best of yourself, you perform authentically – Georgia Varjas


Working online or offline, videos are used on both platforms. GoIng ‘Live’ on your own social media handles is key for many on line businesses.
Creating videos for IGTV or LinkedIn is another important platform, and popular. And in networking situations you may be called to say hello on a ‘Live’ or step outside to give a testimonial live and recorded!
Being prepared, well rehearsed and knowing your stuff are needed for both formats. You need to learn and practise your craft. Have it fluent and ready to roll.

To Go Live Or To Record – Is That The Question?


As my general motto for life is that we have more in common than we have different – I’d like to extend this into our writing and speaking businesses.
Here are the common denominators for live and recorded videos.

  • Whether Live or recorded the green eye of the camera is where you focus your gaze. Look into the lens, smile and make your gestures. Just imagine your audience right on the other side.
  • Share your wisdom, knowledge and expertise as though your video is a radio broadcast.
    If they are not coming on live to watch and listen it doesn’t matter, you continue as if this is a radio session going out to the world. Act as if.
  • Content is content any which way you show it. Whether you go live or record. You share your best on both.
  • Dress to impress – well certainly from the waist up! Every time you appear on video you dress to impress!
  • Call it rehearsal, practise or repetition, you have to do it for both recorded and live situations.


-Don’t let the mixed signals fool you. Indecision is a decision – Anon


Now does this sound too obvious to be believed? Common sense is not popular nowadays too many people want a complex and labelled answer. I say you don’t need it.
Time to connect the two and recognise the advantages of going ‘Live’ and to record.
My point being the differences are small.
One thing I will emphasise for the newbies – do not get tempted to do 67 and a half takes!
Two or three to check sound and framing and then get into the state of mind of counting down 3-2-1 and action!
And an important tip- when using your mobile to record – turn off your wifi settings – switch on flight mode to avoid interruptions of the ping ping kind!

How to develop the confidence and impact when doing videos, when becoming visible in front of the camera is something I focus on when I work with my clients.
It is also the content of my upcoming book – Rule It! How To Step Up & Stand Out On Video, Stage & Page- due out March 2020.

Meanwhile if you are still looking for a gift for that someone special – check out my book The Rule Breakers Guide – it makes a perfect pressie!
See you next week and keep writing!

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