How do you feel about change? Do you resist? Are you flexible or need a week to think about it? How do you really feel about change?
I personally love it. Variety is the spice of life is an old cliche – but it is at the core of The Extraordinary Benefits Of Change. I believe the hesitation to be open to change is due to the fact that we are not confident or courageous to make decisions. We receive very little education or training in decision making and often rely on others to make decisions for us. And nowadays, we are faced with situations where we have to make fast moves, quick reactions and smart decisions on a regular and constant basis. In fact, all day long we are deciding a million and one little and big things, and not even realising The Extraordinary Benefits Of Change.

-Change your thoughts and you change your world – N.V. Peale


As many of you know, I am releasing my new book this summer. I also began working with a PR company this week and the first thing they said was:
“Let’s make some changes!”
Well, it wasn’t that direct but that is exactly what they meant! I was listening with my mouth closed and my ears wide open. And that was it. They are the experts in their field and I am paying them to provide the best advice, the best opportunities and the most irresistible offers a writer could want.
They said, you have to change the title, the cover design and the venue. Now they gave super clear, concise and comprehensible reasons. It all made perfect sense. it was really an offer I couldn’t refuse. But I had to decide. Yes, it was all down to me. I had deadlines, clocks ticking and pressure to finish, finalise and provide an answer  – and not just any answer but one that I would benefit from!


-Change is the end result of all learning – Leo Buscaglia


Did I have time to think about it or sleep on it? Of course, but the point was that they were giving me professional advice and sharp business guidance. They laid on the facts, the saturated book launch world, the endless book release events every day of the week, the disinterest of the press to attend these ceremonies. How to stand out in the crowd was the message they were implying. And let’s face it, if you invest your time, energy and finances in your business or your book, or both, you want the best don’t you?
So, what did we do? We brainstormed and aired and shared all our brilliant ideas and made some sharp decisions and captivating changes.


-Every new idea looks crazy at first – A.N. Whitehead


So, What’s the new title then, I hear you asking?
The Rule Breakers Guide – To Step Up And Stand Out

Does it intrigue you?
Do you feel curious?
Want to pre-order the book?

From my point of view, this is how it is in life – connecting with your gut feeling, your intuition or your higher instinct – or as I call it my super powered buzzing antennae. When you do connect decision making becomes accessible, confidence grows and courage oozes out of your finger tips.
Allow yourself to be open to all The Extraordinary Benefits Of Change.

Let me know how you feel and deal with change  – share your responses below –

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