How often have you stepped back from something because you had a gut feeling that it wasn’t right?
And how many times have you said, no to something because your instinct, intuition was screaming at you or even whispering and saying, no don’t do it? Then, what about the times when you decided to just do it because your gut said yes? Well, that is your little genius or call it smart voice or feminine (masculine!) intuition (or however you want to name it) wanting to be part of your decisions. It is that intangible energy we all possess but need to connect with, and plug into. Tapping Into Your Intuition is unfortunately, not part of our education system, rarely taught by society and not easily accessed from books. So, how can we start Tapping Into our Intuition? What are the ways we can connect to our inner genius?


 -Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifest itself – Oprah Winfrey

How can you learn to tune into your inner voice? What can you do to stop distractions and chatty monkeys? I guess it starts by recognising you have an instinct or a super charged antenna (as I like to call it) Yes, it takes confidence and courage to admit it but you will find that you probably do it anyway.
Think about that gut feeling sensation when someone asks you to try a new food and you find yourself rejecting it – by instinct? Or someone asks you to jump, run and do something you don’t feel comfortable about? And you shake, rattle and roll away from it or perhaps decide yes I want to try it? Everyday, we are faced with an endless array of things we have to decide upon. And then, know which way to turn, which option to take means we need to start Tapping into our Intuition more.



-You cannot make progress without making decisions – Jim Rohn


I am planning a Retreat in October in my home by the sea in Spain. Thinking about all the challenges and benefits my Re-Treaters will want. How can I make it as inclusive as possible so that they reap as many rewards as possible from taking 4/5 days away from their routine and return refreshed, revitalised and with something solid in their hands? In my case, experience plays a large part of that design, because I have decades of it. Working and showing up on all kinds of videos, stages and pages. I know many of the skills necessary to succeed on these platforms. But still, I tune into my genius, I stick my antenna up high to target deeply what else can I offer, what more can I do to create a unique environment and a real Re-Treat? What are those extras and bonuses I can include? I have really been Tapping into My Intuition!


– Learn to tune into your intuition, it will guide you to make decisions that benefit you – Georgia Varjas


Let me leave you with an incentive to tune into your  intuitive behaviour. Let go of labels, you have been shrouded in. Release the ones you adopted because – well, it just happened. Clear the clutter of rational mind interference and see how you will slip into Tapping in to Your Intuition. Brush aside your doubters. Step away from cynical comments and most certainly dismiss the critics  that don’t run with positive vibes.

And here is a little extra science to back me up!

Spend the week Tuning and Tapping into to your incredible Intuitive Genius and Enjoy the Benefits!


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