Do you associate Rules with anarchy, disruption or mutiny?
When you think about Rules do you feel uncomfortable?
Perhaps it is time to rethink your attitude to Rules. I’d like to offer you Seven Reasons To Break The Rules!

My music teacher once told me. Learn all the scales inside out and then forget them, for only then can you create your own music. She was a genius.
And this is my motto today – to question everything.
Rules are made to protect the powerful and privileged. It keeps them, their money and property under their control. Great policy if each individual had the same rights.
Let’s keep in mind that rules are not forever, they have their limitation in space and time.
Of course, many rules are established to serve our interests and to protect us – but we all grow and learn that many rules are there to be challenged, re-created – and eventually broken.


Breaking rules isn’t bad when what you are doing is more important than the rule itself – Kim Harrison


Nowadays, in the mad world of instant media coverage we are quick to judge and label.
You are an introvert, I am an extrovert. We love to assume, it is so much easier, but in the process we limit ourselves and create our own obstacles.
Categories and boxes are in place to keep control and to prevent rebellions. But look at some of the great achievements of rebellious acts and how it changed situations and in some cases the laws too.

Three women who in the last 15 years have stepped up and broken rules.
Malala Yousafzai, who speaks out loud about education for women and girls.
Greta Thunberg protesting about climate change.
Tarana Burke who in 2006 founded a movement to speak out about sexual abuse.


Breaking the rules and challenging convention is in the DNA of every successful entrepreneur – Richard Branson 

Here are 7 Reasons To Break Rules:

  1. When someone expects you to behave your age.
  2. When someone else states you should behave like a woman should do.
  3. If someone suggests you are not falling in line as is expected.
  4. When someone interrupts you and suggests you should remain silent.
  5. When someone else tells you to obey their rules in your own house.
  6. When someone else demands you are available for them.
  7. When someone else tells you how to run your life.

All of these and many more offer an opportunity for you to say No.
To assert your opinion and say this doesn’t suit me – this is not what I want.
And, all are excellent reasons to rebel and break the rules.

Let’s remember many of the great changes have happened because a woman, man or a group of people stood up against the status quo and challenged the rules.
Confidence, courage and creativity will teach you how to make smart decisions in your life and show you which rules need changing and/or removing.
This is something I encourage in my book, The Rule Breakers Guide to Step Up & Stand Out.

And, now the follow up book – Rule It! How To Step Up & Stand Out On Video, Stage & Page will be out in March 2020. A pocket size companion book covering the steps you need to make decisions and take actions that benefit you on all the relevant platforms of today.

The year 2019 is coming to an end, take some time to reflect on your achievements, look forward to the New Year and if you are looking for more inspiration, motivation and encouragement, check out my Bite Size Coaching Here.

 See You in January 2020! Keep Writing and Speaking!

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