Have you got your brand colours? Do you have a personal style in fonts, videos and blog posts? And are you consistent with it? Well thats what the business gurus tell you. Those colours and slogans have to be present 24/7. They also insist you have to learn more tips and tricks about branding from them – at a special price naturally. What happened to individuality or variety and spice? Of course, if you have invented a new fizzy drink or a miracle pill to help you sing in perfect pitch – go get yourself a top graphics designer and go for it all the way. But in the world of online coaching, speaking and writing or small business style ventures – I beg you – go with what works for you. Yes, be consistent and persistent but in your values and content not your hair or dress colour!


-There is no rule that says I have to live a life like everyone else – Russell Brand


Time has come to strike out on your own and Step Up & Stand Out. Rules are made to protect and serve us but when they don’t provide benefits, or cause problems, even hurt or suffering – especially  financially – it is time to challenge them and move on. People and society are so keen to put you in box, to categorise you and therefore define you. Then jumping to conclusions, assuming and presuming becomes a way of life. Bring out your uniqueness because your Personal Style is Your Personal Brand. This is something I write about in my book, The Rule Breakers Guide.

-How you speak, write and act creates your unique brand. It’s that eclectic mix of your style and personality – Georgia Varjas


A friend of mine spent a large portion of her holiday money (or was it down payment on a new home or pressies for everyone at Xmas?) on discovering her real brand colours. It was a special one off, once in a life time offer, a whole day event from 11 am to 4 pm! (with a bring your own lunch tacked on the list) After much personal prying, her colours, codes and fonts were created. It turned out it was a three colours that she really didn’t like and had never worn and did not possess a single piece of clothing or jewellery in those colours. But Branded she was! Missing from the mix was her – her personality – her real true colours because Personal Style is Your Personal Brand


-If people like you they will listen to you. If people trust you they will buy from you – Zig Ziglar


Are you still trying to discover your brand or feel you should, could or must change your brand? So, ask yourself this question:
What do I like, what am I drawn to – what amazes me? Then, consider what strikes you as sincere and genuine. Turn Seth Godin’s sentence into a question for yourself.

-A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships, that taken together account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another – Seth Godin


One of the things I start with in my workshops is to discover and lay on the table all the amazing talents, skills and abilities a person has, often hidden from view. It is all about bringing out the best in you – the genius in you. And that is your Passion – Personality and Performance. This combination creates your Authentic Performance and this is what people, your clients and customers are attracted to. Want to know more? Inquisitive to discover your genius? Then, The Authentic Performance Workshop could just be for you. Be curious and click on this link

I believe that you and your passion and personality will demonstrate your brand style.
And as you express yourself on your different platforms be it Video, Stage or Page – your true colours will shine.


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