Words are powerful. They can make or break friendships, romance, and business deals. We use them all the time to communicate our needs, desires and wants. From writing, to reading and listening to amazingly arranged vocabulary. And even to viewing them on video and film. We humans incessantly use the power of words to communicate. For me, it is the Magic Of The Alphabet or How To Find Words That Connect.

They say words never hurt, but we know they can and they do hurt, because we can’t always control our reaction to them. We are bombarded with sounds of words from the minute we pop out into this world. And we learn to use them fast, like chimps and parrots. Imitating the accents, dialects and meanings of these words. From an early age we learn the rules – rules from schools, moral codes and the “right thing”. All from words.

-If plan A didn’t work the alphabet has 25 more letters – Jake Jenkins


It is also vital to keep learning new words To find different ways to express your opinion and offer fresh versions of old thinking. Changing the mindset behind the words and being open to see another way to interpret language. Every year the Merriam & Webster and Oxford dictionaries add new words, idioms and phrases that we conjure up, all with the help of 26 letters. Pretty amazing!

-Our most potent communication tool with the power to heal and damage – Georgia Varjas


I am referring to the damage that comes from those tired cliches that I am sure you have heard before:

‘Don’t do that, that’s bad, that’s dirty, that’s no good. What! Are you stupid!’
‘Oh, you dumb child, why are you doing that?’
‘You’ll never be any good!’
‘You are such a disappointment!’
We hear it in every language in a variety of renditions.

If you now convert those into encouraging statements, into words that have a positive yet constructive edge. The difference is eye-opening and heart warming.

That’s good.
What an excellent idea!
How clever is that?
Well, I am impressed.
This has real potencial

You cannot deny the change it makes in your outlook, in your forward thinking mindset, in fact in your whole being!
Words are powerful and I know that the Magic Of The Alphabet will really help you To Find Words That Connect.

Words shape us. They create our personal manifesto, and inform us of what we can do and what we cannot do. And negative words corrupt and pollute our ability to perform fully. We begin to play small, hide, punish and reprimand ourselves. Even, fall by the wayside, step into the mud, and then, stop, stall and stumble. We get caught up in nets. Some of them quite messy.

Time to change up your vocabulary, mix up your language.
Read more – Write often.
Find ways to stimulate the words in your head.
Listen to the way people speak, are they using your kind of language?
Be more discerning with what you listen to.
Dismiss the negative gossip and monkey chat.
Discover new words everyday.

And best of all learn to love words. There is Magic in the Alphabet – Find your combinations.

Have a magical week of discovering words!




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