How many times have you said out loud, I’m going to write a book! Or perhaps, I am going to script a Talk! Or have you said, Next week/month or year I will have finished my web site, online course or podcast?
Sounds like you have been doing a lot of thinking and not much action taking. Many of us make decisions but have difficulty in taking action on them.
And, we all do it for a variety of reasons, some that make sense but many that just don’t ring true.
This is something I write and speak about often because there is a way to do this, there is a practical procedure you can take that leads to a result – a result that benefits you.
How To Turn Your Thinking into Writing & Speaking is about getting back down to taking practical steps to achieve what you want.
And, it is not a trick or a gimmick! This is something I do in my workshops to get writers and speakers cracking on with their genius thinking!

-You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great – Zig Ziglar


Let’s face it, nowadays you have to do both, that is writing and speaking. If you write a book you will at some stage have to speak about it. If you speak, well you already know it starts with writing.
In fact, everything starts with writing.
Whether it is a few scribbled sentences on a scrap of paper, or inside your fav notebook or indeed direct onto your iMac, iPhone or any other tech device – it starts with the written word.
Some people believe they can wing it or improvise. And yes, a certain percentage of those indices work.
But you can’t buy experience. And knowledge means learning and even making some mistakes.
One thing for sure, at some point – you have to take action.

-Excuses are a time thief. Have a goal, accept responsibility and take action – Steve Maraboli


In early July, my book, The Rule Breakers Guide to Step Up & Stand Out will be published. A great achievement on my part and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.
It started with thinking, then I stepped up and began writing and more writing, in fact it was 3 months, two weeks and some hours of writing!
I spoke about the book, did a killer speech last week at the IoD in London and still talk about it on video.

I have literally turned my thinking onto video, stage and page. And this is something you can learn to do or improve on.
So, if you are in London on Tuesday 2nd July jump on the link and register to attend the Book Launch.
A riveting evening of speakers, revelations from the book and plenty of chat about decision making and of course, rule breaking.
And all in the company of fellow writers and speakers, with drinks and cup cakes and an MC to keep us all on our toes and show you where to buy the book!
Have a wonderful week, enjoying all the benefits of smart decision making and learning How To Turn Your Thinking into Writing & Speaking

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