Have you noticed how many TV shows there are where people get up and present their talent to a professional panel and audience?
Sometimes it is a live show and sometimes pre-recorded. But for the person getting up and walking up to the microphone the fear, the doubts and nerves are all the same.
Even experienced, professional actors and singers talk about the fear and nerves they have before a show. Which implies it is a normal reaction, and let me tell you it is!
However, normal, healthy or call it by any other name, it doesn’t take away the scary feeling that stepping up on a stage and speaking in public creates in us.
How can we learn to grab this fear and learn How To Speak Up Without Fear?


-Do one thing every day that scares you – Eleanor Roosevelt


I am not going to say I never get nervous and I don’t have doubts and fears – I am not super human, a guru or insensitive to fear! I do experience nerves and worries – but I have learnt how to handle them and I have acquired ways and means, tips and tricks to frighten off Fear! And most important of all – I understand where most of them stem from – and this has taught me the essentials of How To Speak Without Fear. This is crucial and I am passionate about it – so much so that I write about it in my book, The Rule Breakers Guide – Women and men have created so many extraordinary obstacles that prevent them from performing to their best ability. From fulfilling their potential and really Stepping Up & Standing Out. 

I do like that advice from Eleanor R. and I would say that it is a great way to develop confidence too. Confidence comes from practise, rehearsal, repetition, making mistakes and learning from them and more practise. Because practise leads to experience! And one of the excellent side effects to learn  How To Speak Without Fear

-Don’t give in to your fears. if you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart – Paulo Coehlo


In my new book, Rule It!, How to Step Up & Stand Out on Video, Stage and Page, I make a study and exposure about the way we humans have made pillars of moral and religious codes about our behaviour that restrict and inhibit us from expressing ourselves. There are rules and laws about how we should, could and must act that really hamper our creative style and our beautiful imaginations.
And this causes damage and in turn, stops us from being who we really want to be. We become fearful of all the repercussions and punishments that could be dished out.

Here are 3 Essential things to push Fear out the window when you Step Up & Stand Out.

1. Breathe, find a rhythm to slow you down, breathe and then pause (do the 5 in, hold for 2, and 5 out method.)

2. Shake your body. Yes…shake your body. Dance, shake and shimmer and watch the nerves Fall to the ground. Stimulate your oxygen, blood and bones!

3. Tell yourself a whole pile of F words, I am Fabulous. Fantastic. Fresh. Fun. Fearless. And, I am Five Star!

The breathing exercise is actually the hardest for many people because we are so used to shallow breathing and not being aware of our breath.
Shaking your body is easy…come on, we all do it and it really gets your blood racing, your energy free floating and your nerves flying OUT of your body.
Self-talk is key to self-belief so try practising in front of the mirror. Look at yourself, smile and tell yourself you are Fantastic! It sounds ridiculous but you will get good at it very soon.

-Fear is only temporary. Regret lasts for ever – Anon


For me, the main ingredient, the icing on the cake, the most relevant element is – I love what I do! I find the enjoyment and the fun.
And when you do – I guarantee your audience will! How To Speak Without Fear is something you can overcome – if you want to. Do you want to?

Receiving encouragement and feedback is invaluable, support is key – But in the end, only you can Step Up & Stand Out with your unique message or invention.
Reach out for guidance, we all need it – check out my Work with Me page and connect to communicate!


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