Do you find yourself writing a daily task list? Or perhaps a To Do List every week that covers 7 full days? Time management is all the rage so I am not surprised! But it is amazing how many of us lose sight of the bigger picture in the process. We seem to be looking down at the list and not enough at the big project. I think we all get caught up in the short sighted approach to achieving our dreams and goals. So this is more of a reminder to keep the spotlight on that Big Goal and learn How To Shift Your Focus To The Bigger Picture.

-We’re focusing on the whole pie, not a slice. A slice is good but not good enough to get you fat. We’re trying to get fat – Shaquille O’Neil


I always see my projects as journeys. My Book Ride Roller Coaster was some journey I tell you. And I made plans, I looked at the chapters, made headings for the topics I wanted to include. Just like the stations on a train ride. But I knew I had to reach my final destination. For me, it was 14 chapters, an intro and the bibliography.  I mapped it out, gave it some shape just like you would a road map. I knew I had a target and an end to reach. That fabulous final full stop. A writers dream moment!

-Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago – Warren Buffett


There is a balance to this attitude of focusing on the end but being in the present. Working on the tasks at hand with the bigger picture clear in your mind. And, we all have our methods and ways to handle it. From meditation to boxing classes – or both! Keeping our eye on the goal but aware of the day to day tasks and challenges. It needs a spoonful or two of courage. And team. It requires us to delegate and take time out. Yes holidays, even for 24 hours. Remember the Nourishing and Flourishing life you want? And it does show you How To Shift Your Focus To The Bigger Picture.

– Decision making is crucial but taking action on those decisions is the jewel – Georgia Varjas


In my new book,The Rule Breakers Guide to Step Up & Stand Out, I emphasise the need to learn to make decisions in your life that not only benefit others but you as well. It is NOT selfish to do that. It is about looking after Numero Uno – that’s you. And when you take action the bigger picture gets that much clearer. So you learn How To Shift Your Focus To The Bigger Picture.

Selena Rezvani talks about reverse engineering as a way to keep the focus in her article in Forbes.

Yes, everyday we have to provide service to our friends, family and clients. We have our responsibilities and tasks to complete but still we need to keep an eye on that bigger picture to keep perspective and morale – to see our cup as half full with plenty of space for more!

I take time out everyday to remind myself of my bigger picture. First, I step back, remove my blinkers and exhale as I view that fabulous whole image of want I am moving towards. And, I encourage you to do the same.

Have a wonderful week taking in the big view!

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