There have been a few song titles with the theme of setting your inner rebel free. One of the most iconic images is of Freddy Mercury pushing a hoover and wearing a pretty pink nurses outfit, singing ‘I want to break free.’
Cheeky, saucy and rebellious – an image that conjures up removing yourself from a certain way of living, breaking free from rules that do not serve you. Those guidelines that just simply limit you. And of course restrictions that hold you back. It definitely arouses that fiery energy of mutiny and of being released from constraints. And we all need that at some point in our lives. Sometimes several times during our lifetime. But How To Set Your Inner Rebel Free in these uncertain times is a skill.


-Be. Don’t try to become – Osho


We know that rules are present to provide a stable environment and encourage human co-existence. We all have rules in our lives and relationships. But if the rules stop you from progressing or hinder your development – they need to be questioned. If the rules deny you your human rights or prevent you from advancement – then you need to stop and question them. You may find you need to learn How To Set Your Inner Rebel Free.
It touches on the 3’s of life. Confidence, courage and creativity. I call these my ‘grass roots’ topics because they are at the root of our successes and achievements in life.  In my latest book, The Rule Breakers Guide, I have several chapters that focus on challenging you to question any conditions or regulations that restrain or prohibit you from expressing your full potential. In other words – anything that holds you back from letting your inner rebel free. This is not about anarchy or destroying something for the sake of it. I am referring to breaking free from rules that are unfair, prejudiced or one-sided.


-At the end of day we can endure much more than we think we can – Frida Kahlo


Challenges will always be present in our lives and often, we surprise ourselves how we have and can overcome them. There are times when we have to Step Up & Stand Out. When we feel compelled to speak our message, our opinion or truth. It starts with redefining what is courage for you. Then make that decision and take that first step – small or big – just go for it.


-The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power but self-rejection – Henri Nouwen


If you want a better life for your self, your family then it starts with you standing up for yourself – stepping out and off that spinning wheel that no longer serves you. All the extraordinary achievements and inventions have come from people taking that first brave step. The revolutions that created important political and social change. The awareness of injustices and inhuman treatments of people. All came from breaking a rule here or there – to create a healthy environment. So invest in yourself, take care of yourself and learn How To Set Your Inner Rebel Free.

And if you want more encouragement, then have a look at my book, The Rule Breakers Guide, now down to the last 16 on the Peoples Book Prize. (where you can vote for me!)
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