Have you settled into this new lockdown surreal reality? Perhaps you have found a new purpose in life? A new calling or inkling of a fresh bright plan?
I too have been revamping and re-inventing over these last 16 days of lockdown. My urge to survive and thrive and beat the bug is even greater. I focus on self-care, expanding my knowledge and sharing my experience and wisdom to benefit others. I am thinking on my feet. Creativity in action. This is all about How To Re-define Creativity In Times Of Change.


-You can’t use up creativity.The more you use, the more you have – Maya Angelou


Whether you believe this global pandemic is a wake-up call for us humans from Mother Nature or just a nasty disease – let’s face it, this month is not what any of us expected, planned or dreamed of.
False, fake and real news abounds. We are inundated with the latest theory, developments and gossip. There is stressful energy in the air.
Yet, never has there been a greater need for common sense than now. All the things we know in our hearts about self-care and being generous to others. Actually, all the things our grandmothers told us!
We have this tendency to pursue more complex answers with an attitude that if it is so simple  – it can’t work! I know I’ve said it enough times!

I think it is time to create values that you can take with you to the other side of this plague like health threat. Create something of value, that gives you pleasure, satisfaction, financial rewards and attracts clients and customers.
So, how can you spark creative and original thoughts?

-To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong – Joseph Pearce


Here are 3 Action Steps you can do right now that shows you How To Re-define Creativity In Times Of Change

  • Go back to your original biz idea, plan or project. Dig out that journal, or vision board. Think back to how much you wanted this. And then, notice what has changed. What is different now. Are things still giving you the same buzz? Turning on your brain and your bank balance? Is there something extra you can add to your talent mix? Or do you need to revise the whole idea? Either way, here is an opportunity for expansion. Expand your mind.


  • Re-connect with people you worked with before and had super synergy or amazing team energy. Flick through your phone book, emails, IG, Twitter accounts and re-discover what they are up to now. Listen to them. What’s new, what’s good what resonates with you!


  • Time to learn. Be inspired by the greats you admire. Who is the wise person you turn to? Oprah Winfrey, Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor or Michael Beckwith? Make the time to study, educate and train yourself. take the strength from learning something new to expand your vision and build confidence


Use this time to enhance your skills in the most creative way – and if you need a wise nudge or just some plain common sense advice, check out my coaching packages.
I am also offering a special Power Hour session to anyone writing a book, called: How to write that book and get it out there!
Are you ready to Step Up & Stand Out & Write Your Book? For more information book in a call with me

Look forward to connecting with you and bringing out the best!








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