We are living in challenging times. On the one hand we are drowning in data and statistics of doom and gloom and on the other, trying to make sense of an extremely surreal situation. Leaders are not behaving as leaders should/could. And, we appear to be more isolated and preoccupied than ever. Logical thinking is hiding in the shadows and many of us are fixated on the latest news and where to buy toilet paper!  A real vicious cycle of fear = stress = illness. Well I know for one, I do not want to spend the next 15 – 30 or more days stressed out, full of anxiety and fear.
What about you? I want to share another way – How To Re-assess Your Health & Wealth – March 2020!


-When we strive to be better than we are, everything around us becomes better too – Paulo Coelho


The thing is most of us know that we need to be smart, sensible and responsible. We see the examples of those who went/are before us. And, learn from experience, knowledge and wisdom.
We know it makes sense to take care of yourself first. We know too that we have to be flexible, pivot and transform – and yet – and so ????
It’s that revamping, revising and re-inventing mode we have to adapt. I am calling it – How To Re-assess Your Health & Wealth – March 2020!


-You can’t be both awesome and negative. Choose one – Karen Salmansohn


I know I have been focusing on having a sweet money mindset. Encouraging you to hone in on developing your Three Big Cs – Confidence, Courage & Creativity. And for sure asking you to Step Up & Stand Out.
Well guess what? Nothing has changed. I have spent a lifetime re-inventing myself as a professional entertainer – from musician to keynote to MC and multi book author. It is called, adaptability. And all the great survivors have a dose of that – including you.

Here are life skills to share with you:

  • How about re-purposing content, designs or ideas? I am sure you have a box, a file a stack of “old” material you could revamp and reshape?
  • What about reaching out to people you have just lost a little connection with? People who went on a different track to you? Colleagues from previous collaborations? Check in with them and ask them how they are doing. Set up a chat.
  • Offer something of great value, a service or product at a reduced price. A special offer or even 30 mins for free! You will be surprised how helping others can make you feel super confident.
  • Take time to learn an extra skill. A complimentary extra to your portfolio. Or go off on a tangent and try something you have always wanted to learn but never had enough time to do it!
  • Maybe, it is time for you to be that leader, boss or chief of your own Biz Niz? Think back to your original passion, dream or goal – have you moved away from it? Could you slide back in at a different angle?


-Being positive in a negative situation is not naive – it’s leadership – Ralph Marston


We face challenges everyday. Everyone of them feels big at first – and then something changes because you took action – you didn’t throw in your towel or give up. You persisted, pivoted and made moves.
Use that powerful formula now to create the change you want. And if you are still hesitating or over-thinking, then pop on over to my streamline coaching packages. and discover another way to rise up!
I have had events canceled this month – I have taken my book launch online – I mean who ever heard of that 1 month ago? But there it is, changes and challenges require us to diversify.
And now is the time to refresh, renovate and remodel our Biz Niz and our lives!
Don’t forget to reach out – don’t isolate your mind! Keep in touch – keep your cup half full.


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