How do you feel when you have been refused? What does it feel like to be rejected? You know, being told to go back to square one?  Having your ideas shunned and dismissed? Rejection is a word that many of us dislike but all of us have had some experience of it. From being refused an ice cream when we were 5 years old because we didn’t eat our vegetables, to the bank loan we so desired and were denied or a partner who didn’t want a relationship. It’s a drag, it’s a pain but everyone has a story to tell about rejection. The key is How To Handle Rejection. Better still Reject Rejection!

-Focus on redirection, not rejection – Georgia Varjas


Like many episodes in our life it is how we react, respond and deal with these experiences that reveals our character and personality. The outcome and the way we proceed and perform after rejection is the real test for us. Of course, no one enjoys being turned down or pushed aside, but it is worth looking at the bigger picture too. Maybe, just maybe something better is waiting round the corner. Perhaps, you have actually been saved from a commitment that you really didn’t want in the first place? Or it could be a great lesson to learn, just hiding under the surface. I believe that we have to find a way to reject rejection, and that includes the hurt that we take on board from being excluded or eliminated. How can we do that?

Jack Canfield in his book, The Success Principals advices us to remember the following.
SWSWSWSW = “Some will, some won’t; so what – someone’s waiting”
Some are going to say yes and some will say no. So what! Because out there somewhere, someone is waiting for you.


-The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph – Thomas Paine


In my up coming book, Breaking Rules – Changing Roles – I have a whole chapter on this topic, but coming from another angle. For me, when I face failures or rejections I turn to support from the Four Fabulous Sisters (or brothers!) Consistent, Persistent, Insistent and Resistant. Call them your gang or partners, your bunch, club or line up – they are there for you. When that roller coaster hits the low levels and you feel like giving up, feel like you want to hide, feel the pain of refusal and rejection – then it’s time to call them in. Don’t get it? Time to grit your teeth and get Persistent, get your hands back to work and be Consistent. Be totally Insistent on your goals and fight off rejection by re-directing the negative and feeling Resistant.

Remember they are not your imaginary friends, they are potent and persuasive attitudes or characteristics that you can call on any time.
Smart Decisions brings on the Self Confidence and that leads to Courage and all of these attributes are lessons to learn.

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Have a wonderful week and Be Consistent, Persistent, Insistent and Absolutely Resistant!




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