We are a society easily swayed by ancient rules and media gossip. We invent new names for physical and mental ailments and titles for actions and activities. Yet, confusion prevails. Common sense exits stage right.  We have reached a point where too many of us are doubting ourselves, holding ourselves back because we no longer fit into the new categories and labels. Don’t Question Your Instincts – Question The Rules.

-I would rather trust a woman’s instinct than a man’s reason – Stanley Baldwin


For too long we have dismissed, ignored and often banished our intuition. Called it emotional ranting, weak and feminine and lacking in conscious reasoning. A whole host of negative interpretation surrounds the idea of tapping into your intuition or going by your instincts. And very often it is criticism aimed at women.

When a woman tennis player – and I mean an elite athlete shouts, rattles and rolls loud and clear on a tennis court during some important championship – they refer to her as having an emotional outburst. The critics state she is angry and not able to control her feelings. Yet, when the men do the same (also elite athletes) we are aroused by their anger, stirred by their outburst, even gratified to hear a vocal expression of frustration, success and defiance. To me, this is a clear example of how we really have to Speak up. Don’t Question Your Instincts – Question The Rules.

-Don’t let cultural and social codes rearrange your natural talents and skills – Georgia Varjas


At my recent talk for the launch of my new book – The Rule Breakers Guide – I emphasised how too many of us restrict ourselves and our potential by believing in the old codes and morals of yesteryear.
For our confidence and courage to grow and develop we need knowledge. When we taste that arousing combination our creativity blossoms too. And, I do believe we are all born with talent and skills. Whether it is with your hands, your mind or heart. We all are born with some attributes we can harness in our lives. But what happens are the restrictions and rules that tell you how to behave, what is expected of you and how you must fit in. These obstacles start circling around your system and before you know it – you are flat out on that Conveyer Belt of life. The Con Belt of life! Don’t Question Your Instincts – Question The Rules


-Learn to trust your own advice – Georgia Varjas


Trusting your own instincts or advices starts with some listening. Listening to what your mind, body or soul is telling you. What we commonly call ‘gut feelings’. Start with small things, what to eat or drink, which film to watch or book to read. Learn to make smart decisions that benefit you. All these little steps show you how to tune in to your great instincts. It is something that I teach and encourage in my workshops. I will be doing this again in October in Spain – offering a unique opportunity for a limited number of women (this time only women!) to focus and target your writing, speaking and performing skills for Video – Stage or Page.
Because this is where the future lies in the written and spoken word and being able to do it with passion, personality and performance.

Jump on the link here and check out the details of this Exclusive and Inclusive – Authentic Performance Workshop.

Let go of the people and things that do not benefit you so you can rise up and shine! Don’t Question Your Instincts – Question The Rules!

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