They say that re-inventing the wheel and being original is impossible. It’s all been done before. No room for any imagination then?
But being you, the real you is not impossible. And as soon as you step on to that stage, (and I mean video, stage or page) you become the one and only original you.
Then you know – your Difference is Your Superpower.
Many people have been pushed off and put off from the straight and narrow life because of their unconventional approach. Some have even been punished!
Perhaps you have struggled with this idea during your life? Believing that you are different and didn’t fit in, so you covered up, buried and forgot about your talents.
Well, now it’s time to embrace your uniqueness and recognise that Difference is Your Superpower.



-The fear of being different prevents most people from seeking new ways to solve their problems – Robert T. Kiyosaki


Does being different fill you with fear because you will stand out or even stand alone? Maybe you feel that being different will cause you to be ostracised, separated, even locked up?
And in certain cultures especially where religion has a stronghold, there are huge restrictions and even laws governing the tight control of anyone stepping outside the norm –
But let’s look at all the positives of standing up in your own shoes and sharing your unique take on life, love and business.


-People say you are going the wrong way when it’s simply a way of your own – Angeline Jolie


Just remember some of those most successful people were those that didn’t fit in. But they stood their ground and developed their unique talents.
They went on to find their own path, their own way of creating their brand, product and service.
From Rosa Parks, Malala Yousafzai and Gabourey Sidibe 
3 women who stood their ground and used their difference to Step Up & Stand Out for what they believed in.

I know in my own life there have been many occasions when I stood back because I was scared to stand out. Thought I would be unlikeable and ignored.
But I at some point I knew I had to up my confidence, grab some courage and let my creativity flow!
This is very often all we need to really Step Up & Stand Out in our work as writers, speakers, spoken word artists and entrepreneurs.

I am now offering one to one coaching sessions to hone in on your superpowers!
It will be honest, no nonsense, natural conversations.
And, accountability and support to get you to Step Up & Stand Out.
I am calling it Tough Love Brainstorming Sessions –
Because sometimes it is just the kind of Feedback you need.

The sessions are for writers, authors, speakers, spoken word artists, story performers, entrepreneurs & business women.
If you feel your confidence has taken a blow and your courage is nowhere to be seen and as for creativity,
well that was dampened long ago –Then press pause, connect with me and say:
I am ready to:
Express my confidence!
Re-define my courage!
And let my creativity shine!

And always remember that
Difference is Your Superpower.

You can click the link Here to jump on over to my Work With Me page and find out more!

-Being different gives the world colour – Nelsan Ellis

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