How strange it is that so many people still struggle with the two words – authentic and performing. They believe that performing is putting on an act or a mask and therefore you cannot be authentic.
I have spent decades on all kinds of videos, stages and pages. I can tell you straight up that when you give the best of yourself – you always perform authentically. It is all about Creating Your Authentic Performance.


-Being authentic simply means that your expression is your genuine performance and nothing more or less – Georgia Varjas


The non – believers immediately cite actors as people who perform or act. It is one of the big misconceptions about the professional world of actors. An actor steps into a part wholeheartedly. They become that person, they give it their soul and full attention. It is a skill to enter into the character of another person and portray it in a believable, convincing and authentic way. And just like actors, we writers, speakers and entrepreneurs have to be able to put our message out. But let’s add passion, personality and performance. And that means Creating Your Authentic Performance.


-Performance is your reality. Forget everything else – Harold Geneen


In my new book, The Rule Breakers Guide – I write about “The Club of Authenticity” in the 1st chapter. Here is an extract.

“I believe that the reason we crave to be seen as authentic is in reality the yearning to overcome the shyness, self consciousness and constraints of society.
The longing to be recognised as authentic is like a rebellion from the insecurity and inhibitions of the cultural and religious kind. Those written and un-written laws that hold us back and stop us from expressing what we think, how we feel and, in turn, our true opinions.

What I call ‘the rules from schools’ and the laws and commandments, duties and obligations that bring on this fear of showing your unique personality.

Like the laws that stopped and prevented huge numbers of the population from access to education. Laws that said professions such as judges, neurosurgeons, pilots, presidents and owners of financially successful businesses should not be allowed to be in the hands of certain sections of society.

No wonder so many people strive ‘to be authentic’. No wonder it has become a quest and a pursuit to re-claim the rights and privileges afforded to some but not everyone. I understand this drive and longing to re-gain those arenas previously forbidden or prohibited. It is one hundred percent logical to want to have the same rights and access to life as anyone else.

And what many of us do not realise is that being authentic is part of our daily performance. The way you are, your mannerisms, gestures, language skills and awareness, all of these indices contribute to your authentic performance.”

-We meet ourselves time and time again in a thousand disguises in our path in life – Carl Jung


If this is something you are hesitant in expressing – have a look at the workshop I shall be hosting on the Authentic Performance Workshop Retreat in Spain in October. Places are limited – so discover now if this is something that will boost your passion, personality and performance.

Have a wonderful week Creating Your Authentic Performance!




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