Have you noticed how many people constantly occupy themselves with podcasts, webinairs and audio books when they are driving, walking and waiting?
Are you one of those people that have your earphones plugged in as you eat, read, walk, shop and even watch TV? It seems we are unable to just be. To listen to our own thoughts, ideas and genius tumbling around our minds. Often, I observe runners and bikers with their ears filled with little buds that occupy their heads with music or motivational speak. I do admit to watching TV when I iron. For sure I listen to music when sharing some food with a friend or sitting in a bar sipping a fine cafe. But constant sounds, words or music makes me wonder if we are ever listening to our own genius and it begs the question –  Are You Listening To Your Own Genius?


-Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice – Steve Jobs


Every day new information, data and news arrives in our in boxes on our phones and desktops. Sometimes it feels like it is a flood of what everybody else is doing and saying. All those videos and photos, quotes and offers. The buy me – have me and click me decade is in full swing. There are times when it feels hard to express your own opinion, your own take or version on a topic. The airwaves are full up and full on. So how can we tune in to our own genius and tap into our gold?



-Too many people listen to the noise of the world instead of themselves – Leon Brown



Each of us have our special way of relaxing, switching off and taking a break and all of those outlets are valid to you! Those with quieter energy prefer tranquil vibes and those with high energy might indulge in more active pastimes. All have their benefits. Find yours – indulge in a variety and don’t compare or judge what others do to switch off.

During the 14 weeks I spent writing my new book Breaking Rules – Changing Roles I took lots of little breaks. That style suited me and fit the project. I would walk around, by the beach, even in my garden, just absorbing. Yes! Absorbing everything! The birds – the bees – the trees – the sounds from the street and the neighbours dog. Sometimes, I would sit in a cafe and just take in all the chatter and excitement from other peoples lives. I always picked up something to set me back down to writing my book. You see, I was out listening to my Genius! Being inspired and firing up my imagination. Stimulating the genius in me!


-I have nothing to declare but my genius – Oscar Wilde


I want to encourage you to find your genius in the way that fits you. To create the space that allows you to connect with your genius and refresh the parts that need refreshing! We all need the rest that sleep brings and we also need the zone or arena that recharges and rejuvenates our 6 glorious senses and that makes you, makes us all, the Creative Genius’s we can be!

So have a wonderful week stirring the creative juices that brings out the genius in you!

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