Stress and anxiety have become the number one problem for many of us today. We juggle and rush and spend much of our time speeding about from one task to another. We become irritable, tired and frustrated.  Many of us are unable to take breaks never mind holidays. Then, there are those extra long hours at work. And running a side hustle and taking care of children, family, household and an array of other daily tasks. And we say, ‘Well that’s just how it is today.’ Yet we all know that laughter is the best medicine. And as cliched as the phrase is – we know it makes sense. So I am asking you – Are You Laughing Enough? Are you finding the time to just laugh?


-A day without laughter is a day wasted – Charlie Chaplin


Sometimes we make mistakes, do the wrong thing, take on too much and believe we have failed.  Lost the plot. – feel overwhelmed – want to give up – you know the list.
During those situations it is hard to see the funny side. And if we are a little stubborn ‘by nature’ it can lead to quite a sour mix. Frustration, grumpiness, sometimes a touch of meanness.
It is important to find your own way out of your ‘down time’ and equally not to wallow in it. But seeking out the funny side of your errors is certainly one of them.

-Do not take life so seriously, you will never get out a live – Elbert Hubbard


Do you remember experiencing an exhausting belly laugh? Those times with siblings or friends when you laughed so much tears rolled down your cheeks?
I can recall a few times during my days playing saxophone. Rehearsing long hours in the studio, and everyone was off beat, out of time and sometimes way off melody – including myself. It got to the point when the mistakes outweighed the sweet music and we all fell apart with the giggles. I have some of these stories in my latest book The Rule Breakers Guide  –
Of course there were times when threats and curses filled the air. But how much better were the results musically and friendship wise when we laughed at our mistakes? So I am asking – Are You Laughing Enough?

-Laughter is the language of the soul – Pablo Neruda


Laughter they say, releases feel-good endorphins into your system, which decreases pain and relaxes your whole body for up to 45 minutes after, lowering stress levels and bringing on a satisfied feeling. So how can you seek out those good time sensations?

* Check out on YouTube for the best short clips of comedians. Not just the big names, scroll down the list –   go on a discovery trip.
* Organise a Girls Night Out (or Boys Night Out). It seems to encourage laughing at silly things. A general lightening up of your life.
* Make a conscious effort to not take your mistakes too seriously. Find a way to count to ten, slow down and breathe, whatever it takes to not beat yourself up (or anyone else!) and see the funny side of your ways. Look for the solution not harp on the problem.

Remember laughter is contagious – spread the good vibes!

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