Do you feel you have too many hurdles and obstacles in your life? You know the ones that prevent you from achieving your goals or stop you from performing to your best ability?
I know I do too! I have days when all I can see are steep slopes and slippery mountainous paths- and I hate walking uphill! But the worst ones are the ones we create ourselves. Those subversive tricky ones embedded in our DNA. Those moral and cultural codes that we hold onto and believe are the given and only truth. All those Rules from schools, laws and regulations that say you mustn’t – you shouldn’t because you are not the “right” gender, race, religion, age group or body size or any combination thereof. Well then, I ask you – Are You Creating Your Own Obstacles?

-It is your right to question everything – Georgia Varjas


I believe we are all born with some talent or creative genius. It may be a gift you have tingling in your soul to sing, paint or write. Perhaps, it is to communicate and lead, or it could be to mend, fix or repair, even care, love and give. But I do believe we all have natural abilities. And, I am also aware of how we ourselves down-grade and conceal our natural gifts and talents. From an early age, those codes and laws hold us back and keep us trapped in low esteem jobs and mindsets. Fills our head with complexes and inhibitions and more. If we hide our natural talents and play small, then the question I ask you is: Are You Creating Your Own Obstacles?

I know I have played small when in reality I had enough competence and experience to complete the task. But I held my self back because I was thinking about what others would think or what if they said something or- You know, absolute made-up nonsense, basically creating my own diversions and obstacles.
Have you been there? Of course, we all have!

We have our parents and teachers telling us to not sing because our voices are not good.
And then, the teacher who dampens our imagination to write stories.
Or the discouragement to speak up in a class or a debate situation.
And, if we believe them, and back away from something we love, really want to make a go of – then be honest –  Are You Creating Your Own Obstacles?

-Teachers can change lives with just the right mixture of chalk and challenges  – Joyce Meyer


We have choices and opportunities. And we can create them. It is about making smart decisions but also acting on them. How many times have you made a decision but not acted on it? It often happens, followed by an amazing array of reasons and excuses!
So lay out all those things you would love to do – fancy trying – are prepared to give a go or even another go. Make that list. Take courage, lean on your confidence and bring out your competency.
Here is a blog post I penned back in the late winter. It is all about how you can learn to develop awareness, then overcome those road blocks, brick walls or glass ceilings and honestly love yourself more!

So even if life is not easy right now – remember life is beautiful. Yes, it takes Confidence and Courage to Step Up & Stand Out – Make Decisions and Act Upon them.
Remember your voice and your pen are your most powerful weapons of construction!



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