Are you caught in a net? Do you feel like you are going around in circles and not moving forward? Perhaps it is a lack of visibility or doubts about your performance?
Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of us! The vicious circle thing and lack of visibility. Many people running small businesses and of course writers and speakers often feel they are spinning on the spot.
It is tricky to get that balance right and not feel any downward motion. Then again, it is also about how to avoid, keep away and dismiss any nets that come your way. Don’t you agree?


-Keep your sense of self and don’t get caught up in what people want you to be – LeAnn Rimes



In my Book The Rule Breakers Guide  I have a section about those sticky nets of life. Let’s face it we do get caught up in things we don’t always want to do. We become sidetracked or are enticed into doing something we are not 100% sure of – but we jump in anyway. Been there? Trapped in relationships and jobs that don’t serve or satisfy. Then it becomes really hard to Step Up & Stand Out. To feel confident and courageous to express yourself and to show your creative abilities.

-Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can – Arthur Ashe


I am most definitely from the school of ‘make a smart decision but take action – fast!’ I mean once you have made a decision – it is time – the right time to take action. You have thought it through, discussed and researched – you have made the decision. Now take action. If I keep bumping my head, or toe on the same brick wall – it is a clear sign to try another tactic, another style or strategy. And for sure – for women there will be the Glass Ceiling & the Bamboo Floor to contend with. (Yes there are many cracks but you still have to be careful – glass cuts!)


-Trust in yourself. Define Courage for yourself and recognise all your achievements – Georgia Varjas


I know that they are easy words to read and all of us can find reasons and stories why we are not ready to take action. That’s what I do in my work, help you knock aside those doubts, fears and hesitations to take actions on decisions you have already made! Step off the tangled net and stand out.

I shall be hosting a special 4 day mastermind style workshop in Spain, 10 -14 October.
Working with female writers and speakers to step off the nets that twist them up and hold them back from their natural ability to be confident, courageous and creative in their life and work. Does this sound like something you want to set right? Check this page for more info
Meanwhile today think about all the little decisions you made yesterday, last night and this morning and check for yourself what actions you took on them.
All those small steps are action steps. Give yourself credit for them. If you haven’t – so what, get started now.

I leave you with this attitude I like to practise. Every minute is the right time and every day is the right time –  Georgia Varjas

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