Let me tell you there is nothing better than having an accountability partner when you want to commit, persist and finish a project. Whether it be an article, a book or a speech.
Perhaps you are preparing a story for a spoken word event or just presenting your project to an investor – having an accountability partner is a gift.
It is like someone supporting and providing constructive recommendations to improve your work and offering great advice and guidance at the same time.
An accountability partner gets you to focus on achievement. To set your mind to the plan, the journey and the end result. And best of all, you share it with a fellow human who has your back!
This is why I am 100% for Accountability – Set Your Mind To Achieve.

Accountability breeds response – ability – Stephen Covey


During my recent ‘roller coaster ride’ writing my book The Rule Breakers Guide, I worked closely with an accountability partner. Best investment for a writer/author!
It is not just that you have someone checking on your time management, your work schedule and deadlines but a human being who is reading and listening to your words, your opinions and experiences.
Like the objective eye, mind and heart your work needs. A person you can ask, Does it make sense? Could I say it differently or better? What am I missing here?


-If you hate deadlines – get yourself an accountability partner –


Many of us who give up our full-time jobs to work for ourselves often find we are actually working longer hours than before – and not even leaving the house! The pressure is on – to succeed and achieve and to make 6k in 90 days- and feed the family.

When I start a new project, whether it is a new book or designing the content for a new workshop or Talk, I always turn to my accountability partner.
I ask for feedback and guidance and I ask for her point of view. She has a way of making me responsible for my actions, and staying true to my commitments.
It is an awesome conversation I tell you!

-Nothing makes me want to cook, clean, fold laundry like having a writing deadline – Anon – A Woman


And this is what I offer my clients too in my Tough Love Brainstorming Sessions (due to start again in November 2019)
As writers, speakers, spoken word artists and entrepreneurs, we come a cross a varied yet similar list of obstacles in our work.
From the ‘Blank Page syndrome to the Over-Thinking – Analysing – Labelling malaise and even the Fear of Failure and Success headache.
By developing a Positive and Professional Mindset you can learn how to access Confidence, Courage and Creativity.
Then, you can Step Up & Stand Out – Be Heard, Understood and Believed on any platform, whether it is Video, Stage or Page or all of them!
With Accountability –  you really do Set Your Mind To Achieve!
Take the step and learn from having a professional partner on your team.




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