A Master Class for a Book Launch!

Having just launched my book in London – The Rule Breakers Guide To Step Up & Stand Out –  I have learnt a lot about what to do and what to avoid. Of course, everyone has their own idea and in deed their own financial situations but one thing stands out above them all and that is team.


– It takes one pen to write a book but a whole team to make it happen – Georgia Varjas


I hear from many authors who want to write a book or who have written a book that they can’t afford to do a launch. Perhaps they have self published and have only 20 copies printed, in which case a book launch is not suitable. But if you have a written a book that has been edited and reviewed outside of family and friends and credited, praised and paid for – then the first step you need to do – is find that team. In my opinion, this is the first lesson for A Master Class For a Book Launch!

-A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other – Simon Sinek


It starts with asking around and watching and learning from others. See how they put together their book launch event. Would you want the same? Do you see yourself presenting that way? Does it excite you? Then comes the big question – funding it all. There is no other way to look upon this topic but to recognise you need money to build your team. And this is called investing in yourself. Now I know many of you will say, Yes, but I have so many other commitments and considerations to make and no one can take that away from you. But there is another way to approach this. Recognising your value and worth. Seeing that you too can go big – go for what you want – create a buzz around your book. You have every right to do so!


-Great things in business are never done by one person – Steve Jobs


In the end I had to decide how far I wanted to take my book. I consulted with my editor and publisher which would be the best route for me. Then, I asked opinions from more experienced people to learn and understand the process to launch a book. I had to calculate all options to create a launch that would benefit me and my readers and of course, the audience I would be inviting and that included press and media! Now in my case, I did have help and favours done for me but that was after I hired a team to do the main and bulk of the work. And, I did have to move around financial priorities which was my decision – because I was on this Roller Coaster Book Ride and I wanted to learn all I could about A Master Class For a Book Launch!


-We rise by lifting others – Robert Ingersol


Most writers dedicate months if not years in bringing their work out to the public. It is often solitary, demanding and challenging. It requires knowledge, research and experience. And then, the final full stop is placed and the work is complete. For many that is often the last step. For me, it was just the beginning. I clicked on that send button and my manuscript went out to my editor. It was scary and exciting, it was nerve racking waiting for the response. And I was ready for any changes considered necessary to improve the work.  Not being precious about your work is essential. The editing process forces you to examine your writing in detail and therein lies a message – recognising the value of your work and being clear about where you want to take it next.

My biggest piece of advice for any one planning to do a Book Launch – Be generous!

The feedback has been amazing and now I am on the last 16 of the Peoples Book Prize so please do vote for me and add your comments too!


Once again – a huge thanks and appreciation goes out to my team.


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