I have been asked many times during these last upside down weeks of confinement, ‘How can you Step Up & Stand Out?’ Some people have actually said, ‘Are you serious?’
For me, it is simple, survive and thrive or ….give up! And that is certainly not an option I consider or advocate. Pivot, re-invent or re-design are my choice of language. Many online coaches and gurus are telling us to be amazingly positive or to express our anxiety and stress in…therapy…with them. Each to their own, there IS abundance in this world and solutions and methods to suit each one of us. I say ‘chapeau’ to technology, keeping us connected, allowing us to communicate through cables and screens – life goes on – regardless. This gives me the impetus to share with you 3 Reasons To Step Up & Stand Out During Tough Times.


-Every change is a challenge to become who we really are – Marianne Williamson


I have seen plenty of tough talk about no gain without pain. I can tell you it doesn’t drive me to study. Most days I love my work. Some days it goes smooth and delicious and other days it does a kind of slow, slow quick…slow shuffle.
I guess that is why it is called hard work by some, when it doesn’t go the way you had devised, planned or prepared for.
Being frustrated and exasperated about situations is a trial of life, a challenge to overcome and to seek out solutions. There are many times that I have screamed, cried and cursed when progress hasn’t appeared, when success didn’t knock on my door…when…. But then I made decisions and took action and that is really the first step.
3 Reasons To Step Up & Stand Out During Tough Times

1.  Recognising that you have a choice. You can’t change what is going on outside but you can change your perspective. You can look at your situation from another angle because you have the ability to think – not about the problem but about the solution. Choices are opportunities that show you – you can create the change you want.

2. Believing and taking action on the fact you have a pen and a voice. You have two of the most potent weapons of construction at your finger tips and a multitude of channels to utilise them with.

3. Because you can. You have a choice, you have a voice and a pen…now you need the action and that is To Step Up Grandly and Stand Out Uniquely.


Stand your ground – Own your power – Be confident, courageous and creative now! Because soon, on the other side of this tunnel – you will be ready.
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Stay safe and stay sane my friends – adjust your adaptability buttons to top volume!

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