There are still so many myths and misconceptions about self-publishing that it is really time to make things crystal clear and let you know, why self-publishing is the best option for you.

First of all, it is not about getting ink on your fingers.
You are not dipping your hands in to any kind of printing ink or machine!
It is not about you doing the work but on deciding what you want. From cover design to the blurb on the back.
And, self-publishing now means you have control of your account..

-You are the boss of your own page – Georgia Varjas


Of course, finding the kind of publisher that you “know, like and trust”  and provides a service that is professional and efficient is the next hurdle for the author.
However, in all my coaching work I have a list of recommended publishers who will make you an offer you will be impressed with – and won’t be able to refuse!
I work with several excellent and highly experienced publishers who offer a variety of packages.
The services they offer will include, editing, layout, cover design, proof reading, proof copy and final print (in a nutshell!)

Here are a couple of important guidelines or do not’s to watch out for!

Do not edit the work yourself. Do not give your manuscript to your mother, VA or best friend with a degree to edit your book. Always use a trained professional and pay them well.

It is 100% worth investing in a publisher to provide you with a full service so you can spend your time, promoting, marketing and preparing to launch your book. Also a full-time job.

-Your book is a gift and a product you can give and sell again and again – Georgia Varjas


Here are the 3 main benefits from self-publishing your book.

1.Keep total control of your rights. ISBN number to copyright of your work.

2.Creative authority. You decide on content, topic, cover design, blurb on the back cover, acknowledgements, word count.

3. Profits. Higher royalty rates.


Remember, your writing coach or mentor will provide you with the support, accountability and professional perspective for your content.
Your editor will show you what needs improvement , clarity, sharpening ideas, fact checking, some grammatical guidance, also style and content critique. (some editors will do more …or less)

For more information on this topic …read on.

If you want to keep control of your account, collect all the profits, have a say in title, cover design even layout, then self-publishing is your best option.

Keep writing!

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