I would be a millionairess now for the number of times i have heard: One day, I will write my book!

I hear so often so many excellent ideas for a book, so many unique and engaging stories and loads of inspirational angles on business, health and life that I cannot believe the number of people that just way lay and delay the writing of their book?

In fact, over the years I have worked as a book writing coach, the number of sad, funny, extraordinary excuses and reasons I have encountered as to why a person does not write their book, I could honestly turn into a best seller!

But seriously, Why is Writing Your Book Considered a Luxury?
Why do we put off what is well known to be a massive transformation for the author both personally and professionally?

Limiting beliefs score high.
From procrastination (probably the most popular) to IS, FOMO, fear of failure and success and 27 other syndromes.
But as we all know, when we want something, like really want something, we are capable of going out there and finding the resources, will power, time and energy to go get it!


-Action will destroy your procrastination – Og Mandino


And what lies at the bottom of it all I ask myself?

Why are so many people fearful and hesitant to write their book?

In the complimentary calls I offer budding authors, I ask the question: what are the 3 main obstacles that prevent you from writing? And what I can conclude is this:
1. Lack of knowledge about how to publish and promote a book in 2023.
2. How and where to start.
3. How to structure a book.
4. Who will buy it?
5. It is too big? It will take too long, it feels like a mountain to climb.
6. I have been wanting to do this for years and now am scared to start.
7. What if I fail and don’t finish the book?


-I have not failed. It is just that I have found 10,000 ways that won’t work – Thomas A. Edison


And this is exactly why every budding author needs professional, support, brainstorming, accountability strategy and guidance from someone who has been there, done that and has kept and framed that T-shirt!


Now, I have deliberately left out the whole issue of finances.

Because…too many of us have discovered that our money mindset is well, let’s say, off centre!
We have headaches and hang ups about spending money on ourselves.
We don’t know how to invest in ourselves because we are carrying  some heavy luggage or moral impediments.

And yet, when it comes to buying those gorgeous red shoes, or having a weekend away, a spa treatment or even a night on the town, we are ready to spend.
We tell ourselves: I deserve it or it will do me good.
The short cut to happiness and forgetfulness.

What is it costing you, both emotionally and financially not to write your book?
When you have an answer, pease do share. I want to help you write that book of yours and show you all the advantages, benefits and opportunities you will receive.
Please do arrange a Compelling Breakthrough Book Session with me if you are now serious to overcome the resistance you have.

And to assist you to find an answer that will change your mind to the question: Why is Writing Your Book Considered a Luxury?

Keep writing


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