It was just the other day, I had this conversation on Zoom with a good friend of mine. I was picking her brain to collect opinions and experiences for my up coming new book. Well, thats what I do as a writer, I ask around, I want to hear stories and different points of view. I am keen to hear the angle that other people have on a certain topic or situation. Listening to stories and ideas from different circles of friends.

Now one of the first questions you hear when you are writing a book is about the dreaded deadline.

It goes like this:
“When will you finish the book?” “Have you a date?” “What’s the deadline?”

When I hear that word – deadline – I freeze. I feel my creative juices bubbling in protest. There is rebellion in the air.  A mutiny and a revolution in the making.
Let me explain, express and expound – Why I Hate Deadlines!

-There are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic deadlines – Brian Tracey

First of all, I am reminded of dead – lines.
Yes, exactly that. Lines that are dead. And, yes that is my imagination.
Have to admit, I don’t like being told I have to complete, finish or stop doing something by Friday at 6pm or next Thursday – or now.
For me, it’s a pressure that cramps my style, holds me back and makes me kind of anxious. This is Why I Hate Deadlines!

Now my friend on the other end of the Zoom line, loves them dead -lines. She says it spurs her on, and that she enjoys the feeling of being pushed out of her comfort zone and finishing before time!

– Deadlines have a lousy name. Call them live-lines instead. That’s what they are – Seth Godin

I have to respect her way of working, I just know for me, because I love what I am doing – I don’t need those ugly dead-lines!
Perhaps that is the key for each of us. To find and indulge our passions. To work on what inspires and motivates us. And if it doesn’t, find that desire, discover the love, search for the fun.

-It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela

In the end, a little discipline goes a long way. Some people need a reminder that their work needs to be finished by a certain time and others have a natural way of reaching that final full stop. Those that like the ‘clock whip’ also enjoy the cracking (or is it ticking?) of a time at their heels. The lovers of this strict time management often confess that the pressure, the tension breeds a kind of excitement and gives a rush of stimulating adrenaline.

-Deadlines give us the sense that we are really on our way and that we will achieve the goal – soon! – John P. Hickey

Perhaps, you believe that for the creative process, deadlines have an inspirational purpose or like me you agree with the quote below.

-A hammer made of deadlines is the surest tool for crushing writer’s block –Ryan Lilly

Whatever works for you, I would love to know how you handle those deadlines?
Always ready and open to learn new tricks, change my mind and try a new way!
Post your comments below!

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