Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad…? Well, over the years, I have collected a bunch of silly fears, phobias and hang ups. You too, I am sure. We humans are so good at limiting ourselves. Believing in all sorts of what I call, emotional propaganda. It starts with; don’t walk under a ladder, break a mirror, get into a business without experience, travel on your own, invest in yourself and you mustn’t wear this or that, especially after a certain age.

I am not going to list any more, you get the meaning. We all have these limiting beliefs. We are also very clever at turning them into reasons and logical categories and boxes…you know all those comfortable sofas and conventional zones.

Mary Morrissey says; Starve the Fears and Feed the Faith.

I have written about this topic before in blogposts earlier this year. In March, I talked about Fear and other F words and then, back in November 2016, A Spoonful of Courage.

But these topics come up time and again when it comes to speaking in public, speaking up for yourself and speaking in your Biz Niz.
Who’s afraid of the Big Bad…? We all have something that keeps us back, holds us up and stops us from stepping up.

-I  have known many troubles, but most of them never happened – Mark Twain

And honestly, most of it is irrational. We slap around the word ‘brave’ and yet hardly recognise our own acts of courage.

For one person, it is a totally wild and brave act for another it is the biggest daymare they have ever had. We admire someone who takes up challenges, who does what they say. We dream, crave and yearn all kinds of things and then deny ourselves the possibilities and opportunities with extraordinary skill. Because we are afraid of the Big Bad….(enter your choice of fear here.)

And, the worst thing is that most of us know this and yet we keep on repeating the same patterns. We are often so talented at believing ourselves, convincing ourselves that we could never do something because something intangible and invisible may happen to us. Fear!
We sabotage ourselves, lose clients and sales and end up feeling very frustrated because we keep feeding the Fear.

And yet as Robin Sharma says: the beautiful thing about fear is, when you run to it, it runs away.

In the FB live this week on Thursday 13th July,(to be posted on Friday here on the blog)
I shall be jumping on board in a most courageous fashion  to set alight some Fear Fantasies with cool practical ways to starve the juice out of those Big Bad…(insert your fears) Come and join me and let’s look at the ways you can immediately chop off the head of the next fear that comes tapping on your shoulder. Leave your comments and thoughts, love to hear your stories. Sign up here to catch the Live Show.    https://www.facebook.com/groups/steppingupandstandingout/

And here comes the FB Live Video! Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad…? How to Chop Up those Fears!

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