I am sure if you were to list all the things you learned these last twelve months you would be astonished. Really! I know because I started a list two days ago and I am still working on it. Remembering and recovering the detail and returning to add more. Now before you run off and start your list, stay with me a moment longer. I am not just referring to things I learnt but the achievements and results I gained from the learning. The new paths I followed, the opportunities I attained and the wonderful new community I encountered on that twelve month journey. So as we ring the bells into 2018, really think about What You Learnt & What You Gonna Learn?

The fact is that we do not reflect enough on our achievements. All the amazing things we have learned and gained over the last twelve to eighteen months. We seem to spend more time noticing what others have accomplished and not giving ourselves the credit for our gains and wins. We also judge ourselves quite harshly, slave drive ourselves to exhaustion and early burnout. And then, dismiss the hurdles we have overcome and knowledge we have gained. Time to Big Up your achievements before moving into 2018. Actually, you can do this any time of the year. But you know, it is Winter Solstice with the longest night and shortest day, and it puts us into a more reflective mood. A time to point out and ponder on our great acquisitions.

I tell you, once you start to look at your cup being half full, your gains and wins list will be impressive. So, come on now – lets face up to

 What You Learnt & What You Gonna Learn? 

-Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever – Mahatma Gandhi

And when you reflect on this list again and over, you will remember other little learnings of the year 2017. Don’t forget all those small things like learning to bake or bike, speak and write, (blogs, articles and video scripts.) Perhaps, learning some tech tips to move your business up and along? Cracking the key to converting calls into happy paying clients? Designing web sites or courses to build confidence? You get the gist?

And the bells have rung, you have partied till dawn, or gone to bed with your love and a bottle! 2018 is on and moving. What you gonna learn? Let’s look at the delicious learning curves ahead.

-Work your strengths, hire your weaknesses – Bob Proctor

I love this quote, simple and direct and it is all about recognising your talents and spending your energy on them. Al the other stuff, the things you are not so good at, may even dislike or mess up – as Bob Proctor says; hire your weaknesses out to someone who loves doing those tasks. One of the most popular sites for finding ‘outside help’ is  https://www.fiverr.com/

The idea behind this is to free up time for you, so you can spend more time doing the things that your business requires and that your life demands. So you have more time to invest in you. Investing in yourself is key to progress. Whether you learn how to use a new app, or a language, or a writing course – or perhaps doing a course with me to really Step Up & Stand Out in 2018!

Watch out for some new super sonic laser sessions with me to bring out your fire and zest so when you want to share your message, Talk or Business Idea, you will be Heard, Understood and Believed.
Be brave, take a step forward, learn something new, let 2018 be the year you soar with new defined knowledge and strength.

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