Can you write a list of things that inspire you? Like a long list of fifteen or twenty answers? It’s easy to come up with your top 3-5  inspirational passions but try and write a longer list. It is an interesting route to discovering what turns you on emotionally and intellectually. I did this exercise the other day and my top three came out as: Creativity – Love – Money. Does that shock you? Intrigue or even disturb you? Well, I encourage you to ask yourself and write that list – What Inspires You?

-Great leaders inspire people to have confidence in themselves – Eleanor Roosevelt


A lot of people search for inspiration and motivation to boost them, keep them positive and achieving their goals. It is a quest for many of us to discover some new incentive or vision to stimulate the parts that need stimulating –
To survive the obstacles and hurdles of life. To push through challenges and the usual roller coast rides of life. So, ask yourself often – What Inspires You? Keep challenging your mind to come up with more ideas, more things, more activities that inspire you. Create you inspiration board – Cut up images and quotes that get your juices going. Get out the house and do things that set off your inspiration cells. Find things to stir your imagination.
Listen- Watch and Read. Treat yourself to learn new ways to fulfil your ambitions.


-The best way to inspire people is to convince them that you support them every day – Harold Geneen


This is something I learn every time I attend a Re-Treat. I stop the routine, shut up shop and get away. By entering a new world surrounded by new people I learn, expand and explore.
It is a conscious investment in myself to broaden and augment my knowledge and experiences. And an impressive way to develop your talents. It is a great way to benefit from a daily dose of inspiration.

-People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing that’s why we do it daily – Zig Ziglar


Having spent decades exploring Creativity – Love  and Money – on video, stage and page, I now share this unusual and unique edge at my Re-Treats in Spain.
An environment where you can target deeply your writing and speaking skills because nowadays, you need both in order to be Heard – Understood and Believed.
A place where you can find your words – develop your voice and finely tune your performance skills – for video – stage or page (or all three!) And most certainly, a space to ask yourself again – What Inspires You?

If this is something you want to do, desire to accomplish? – Don’t hesitate to connect with me.
The Re-Treat will be a unique opportunity for a limited number of women to develop confidence, courage and amazing creativity for Video- Stage or Page.

Here is a page that explores some angles on building up your daily does of inspiration:

Have a wonderful Inspirational Week and keep asking yourself – What Inspires You?


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