The voice that we use to communicate our thoughts and ideas is the courier of our messages, the CEO of our words.
It is an instrument with power and flexibility that conveys emotions, secrets, strategies and blueprints for life.

Our voice is like breathing with sound; our voice puts expression, feeling and passion into our words.
And she (in languages that use gender, the voice is female). She also needs a lot of care and attention.

Ninety percent of the friction of daily life is caused by the wrong tone of voice – Anon –

Did you know that the voice is made up of muscles, cavities, tissues, nerves and fluids? It can produce at least 325 different pitches. There are more nerves in the muscles of the larynx than any other muscles in your body, with the exception of your eyes. Your voice is indeed a powerful tool and worthy of lots of love and attention.

Professional singers, Keynote speakers and Actors take dedicated time to care for their most precious instrument.
To put it simply, your vocal chords need exercise, nourishment and rest.

Let’s break it down into categories.

  1. Breathing: speed of words, projection and pauses.
  2. Vocal exercises: Diaphragm awareness, lip, tongue and jaw exercises.
  3. Drinking water: lubricants and other healing tools.
  4. Posture: how you hold your back, legs and hips.

Sound, intonation, volume and tone are all achieved by taking care of your vocal chords.
After all, a Steinway & Sons piano can cost over a million dollars, I am sure your vocal chords are worth more. Don’t you think?

I believe that when you give your voice all the love and attention she needs, you will conquer nerves, stammers, stumbles, strains and all other de-railing devices. Our vocal chords can make a huge impression on our audience. How often have we heard compliments about  a famous persons voice? I also believe that your unique “sound” can be developed, created and honed to  make your voice worth a million dollars.

Record your voice. Listen to your intonation, your highs and dips. Listen to the tone. When a person is nervous a higher tone is noted. A shy person often talks in a low voice so as not to be heard. How do you sound? Recite a piece of writing and read it with anger, with sadness or with excitement. Listen to those changes. Work on your vocal chords. Become a vocal acrobat.

Do you give that love and attention to your Unique Selling Point?
If your answer is No, then it’s time to click on and Lets’s free you know!

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.
– Maya Angelou –

Your voice is the gymnast in your throat, your million dollar asset. It is time to give your voice all the care and nourishment it needs, so your speeches are memorable for not just for the message but also the sound.

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