When was the last time you sat and day-dreamed? Or a time when you let your mind wander off into some limitless paradise?
Do you remember the glorious events you imagined? How you soared up and completed amazing tasks…in your imagination?
Imagination is powerful and is at the root of everything we want to manifest in our lives. In our beautiful imagination we can start to dream and create our future. Don’t you think it is time to take your magical imagination for a walk?

-Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions – Albert Einstein

If I think back to my days of education, I remember the rigid and conservative teachings of my schooling. Subjects stuck in old paradigms, history according to the winners and minimum consideration for gender or diversity. How often my teachers reprimanded me for day-dreaming and then, criticised me for not concentrating.  Yes, I suffered boredom from the dull presentation of topics, the predictable version of an outcome, a point of view.
However, out in the playground, I had my freedom. I could unleash my imagination. Playing made-up games, pretending to be characters that could fly, could swim in the air, could ride a winged horse. In that playground, I transformed into anybody I wanted to be. I could let that wild animal in my mind run free.

As adults, society coerces us into taking on responsibilities and then, we try for decades to survive them. We often lose touch of the magic and power of our extraordinary imagination. Reality slowly takes over!

– What is now proved was only once imagined – William Blake

How can we unleash again our beautiful imaginations? First thing is to remove all stigmas from your past. The adults that told you not to waste time drifting off or wandering away. Shake off the guilt you had when you did float away on a dream. And try to dismiss the punishments! Let the past remain past and step out of the box and let your imagination take a walk with you.

If you experience writers block or an artists cramp or perhaps, a blank state of mind…then you know it is time to let your vision, inspiration and ingenuity out…take off, sail, climb and rise. Time to take your magical imagination for a walk. 

If you are hesitating about how to go forward with your words, written or spoken and need a tonic of inspiration, a boost of confidence, or perhaps, reassurance you are on the right track…then hit that chat button below and let’s find out what is holding you back from letting your beautiful imagination work for you.

Here is a short video by the genius on this topic, Bob Proctor. Click on, sit back and enjoy the ride.


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